Can Hilton Corporate Rates really save you money on your hotel booking?

Posted on September 11, 2016 by in Hilton Honor

Hilton Corporate Rates

What are Hilton Corporate Rates?

Corporate travelers can often benefit from cheaper stays with select hotel brands and this includes Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Corporate discounts work by negotiating a discount – if a company has a large footprint in the area of the hotel the discount is likely bigger. The reverse is also true.

If you travel for business, it’s possible to get a lower rate by booking your Hilton stay in advance online using a particular code. Not all corporate codes work with all properties or dates; for example, for one code we tried for a test booking, only 13 out of 28 hotel matches in Miami let us use it:

Hilton Corporate Rates

Corporate rates are usually stated as strictly only for corporate use by employees, so they are to be used at your own risk, especially as you may need relevant ID when checking in.

How do I use Hilton Corporate Rates?

If your company has a corporate account with Hilton, you can easily add the code to your online reservation by selecting the Advanced Search on the homepage, choosing to ‘Add a Special Rate Code’ and then adding the number to the ‘Corporate Account’ box:

Hilton Corporate Rates

For our tests, we chose the Hampton Inn & Suites Miami/Brickell-Downtown on March 6th, 2017. It comes out at $259 plus tax for the Flexible Rate or $251 plus tax for the Hilton HHonors member rate:

Hilton Corporate Rates

Most of the codes we tried for our test booking worked to give us a discount off the member rate:

However, the corporate rate was not available for our test booking with these codes:

This corporate account code came up as invalid:

It’s interesting to note that the cheapest rate we found using a corporate code for the test booking was $220 before tax, which was the same price as the Advance Purchase rate.

What else do I need to know about Hilton Corporate Rates?

It’s always useful to compare the corporate rate you’re using with other rates on the Hilton website, so you can see exactly how much of a discount you’re getting. In this instance, it pays to be a 3M, Accenture, BASF, Nestlé, Oracle or Wells Fargo employee to get the biggest discount of 12%, although you may well get a much better saving when searching other dates or properties.

This Hotel Corporate Codes post and this one are both useful for various Hilton corporate codes, but you could also find one for your company with a Google search. If your business isn’t listed on any of the sites that you check, you could ask HR if there is a corporate code that you can use or contact Hilton.

Keep in mind that many hotel brands are extremely vigilant about codes being abused and if you try to check in without proof that you are entitled to use a corporate code, you could lose your place to stay or end up having to pay the rack rate instead!

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