Wonderful tandoori in Zanzibar – enter Mukhy’s roadside restaurant

Written and Published March 14, 2015

Stone Town, Zanzibar needs a bit of exploration by the food and coffee lover. In my two days, I wasn't able to find any great coffee, for instance. Sure enough a number of places offer espresso, but the quality didn't excite me. It's easy, super-cheap drip coffee (like at Jaws Corner) or overly-bitter Tanzanian coffee like at Zanzibar Coffeehouse.

The same is true for food - too many touristy restaurants with overpriced and unoriginal food. One of the exceptions is the roadside restaurant called Mukhy's, which serves fantastic barbecue meat and especially tandoori chicken. I went twice in less than 36 hours in Zanzibar!

It has no Foursquare listing, but find the nearby Zenji Hotel on the map and you can find Mukhy's, as it's next to it.

The owners are incredibly friendly and will chat to you about your plans for your stay (without selling you boat rides and taxi fares, like seemingly every other person in Stone Town).

The tandoori chicken comes with chips, salad and some delicious barbecue sauces incl. a tamarind sauce.

A half-chicken costs about $6 and with all the chips it won't fail in filling you up.

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