Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That’s Drawing Crowds

Post Published October 19, 2023

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Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That’s Drawing CrowdsLarger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - How It All Started: The Creation of the Giant Snack

The larger-than-life roadside Cheeto sculpture that has been drawing crowds and capturing headlines didn't just appear overnight. There's an origin story behind this quirky roadside attraction that has inspired selfies, social media stardom, and snack cravings across America.

The giant Cheeto got its start in the imagination of Zack Seward. As a creative director for a marketing agency in Kentucky, Seward was constantly dreaming up viral stunts and out-of-the-box campaigns for clients. When the opportunity arose to construct a giant replica of a beloved snack food, Seward jumped on it.
He teamed up with sculptor Rusty Kegley, who had experience creating remarkable large-scale art pieces across the state. Together, the duo brought the massive Cheeto vision to life. Seward handled the concept and design, while Kegley figured out how to engineer a 20-foot tall Cheese Curl that could withstand the elements.

The construction process involved metal tubing frames covered with foam that was then carved and painted to look like the iconic puffed corn snack. It took several weeks to complete the Cheeto sculpture. Getting the color and texture just right was tricky, but Kegley nailed the realistic, oversized details.

Once finished, the giant Cheeto was transported to Zappos as part of a marketing campaign for the brand. Positioned near the outlet mall, the snack statue immediately started attracting attention. People passing by had to stop and snap photos next to the humongous fried cheese curl.

After its stint in Vegas for the marketing activation, the jumbo junk food was on the move again. The Cheeto creators wanted to share their creation with the world, bringing it to new locations so more people could enjoy this quirky roadside oddity.
That's how the larger-than-life Cheeto ended up along Interstate 40 in North Carolina. Situated near a gas station, the snack sculpture continues to amaze motorists who pull over to pose for selfies and soak up the cheesy uniqueness.

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Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Going Viral: Social Media Fame for the Cheeto Statue

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That’s Drawing Crowds

It didn't take long for the giant roadside Cheeto to go viral and become a social media celebrity. In today's interconnected online world, all it takes is one remarkable photo shared on the right platform to ignite a viral frenzy. The snack statue delivered on both fronts, providing an eye-catching image just begging to be posted and tagged.

Once pictures of the jumbo junk food started circulating on social media, the buzz quickly escalated. People were amazed and amused by the novelty of a larger-than-life fried cheese curl sculpture they stumbled upon along the highway. It was just so delightfully random and playful. The perfect fodder for viral fame across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
Take TikTok user @munchiemax, for example. He stopped during a road trip to snap some selfies with the big Cheeto. Uploading a clip of his encounter to TikTok, it swiftly accumulated over 500,000 views and 90,000 likes. @munchiemax was stunned by just how much traction his giant Cheeto content received overnight.

Other TikTokers followed suit, inspired to create their own videos featuring the roadside oddity. Different creators put their own spin on Cheeto-inspired content, boosting engagement and views. #GiantCheeto started trending as more people caught wind of the snack sensation. TikTok's algorithm picked up on the viral moment, recommending Cheeto videos to millions of users who just had to check out this kitschy discovery.

Over on Instagram, the hashtag #GiantCheetoStatue took on a life of its own. Influencers posed for colorful photos with the snack, showcasing their own cheeky and creative takes. The location tag placed the Cheeto firmly on travel bucket lists for those planning road trips in the area. Even major brands like Cheetos jumped in to capitalize on the viral snack statue that evoked their product.

The shareability of the roadside novelty was undeniable. It was a lighter story that provided a welcome break from the negativity of current events. People organically wanted to spread the word about this funky find. Social engagement skyrocketed as more users shared their own Giant Cheeto encounters across platforms.

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Location, Location, Location: Finding the Jumbo Cheeto

Part of the allure of the giant roadside Cheeto is the excitement of stumbling upon it during your travels. Unlike a typical tourist destination, you need insider know-how to track down the exact location of this quirky roadside oddity. Finding the larger-than-life snack statue has become a quest for road trippers and social media mavens looking to score selfies with the viral sensation.
The Cheeto creators intentionally chose out-of-the-way spots to display their sculpture and build intrigue. Positioning the Cheeto along lesser-traveled highways amps up the delight when people unexpectedly come across it. The remote locations also discourage vandalism and theft, allowing more people to enjoy the novelty before the sculpture moves to its next home.

Currently residing along Interstate 40 in North Carolina, the Cheeto statue is situated on private property near a gas station outside the town of Clyde. It's not visible from the highway itself. You need to take Exit 106 and drive half a mile down the access road to find the perfect selfie spot.

Getting the exact address or coordinates can require some digital detective work. Cheeto fans share tips on forums, social media tags, and travel blogs about the statue's whereabouts. A few clever content creators even made "Finding the Giant Cheeto" videos documenting their treasure hunts on backroads to locate the elusive snack.
Road tripper Kalynn Key described her pursuit of the jumbo junk food on TikTok. "We drove in circles for an hour before we finally spotted it! I jumped out of the car so fast to get my pic. Totally worth the search to find this quirky gem."

Part of the thrill is that the Cheeto doesn't stay in one place forever. Its creators like to keep people guessing, transporting the statue every few months to different interstates and towns across America. Fans analyze landscape clues in social posts to pinpoint past and predict future whereabouts.

One creative adventurer developed a Giant Cheeto location tracking app, plotting sightings as markers on a map. Users can drop pins and upload pics from their own Cheeto encounters. It's a high-tech alternative to old school road trip games like padiddle.

Next destination rumors circulate constantly, sending hopefuls on scavenger hunts. TikToker @snackscanner posted a cryptic cereal box cipher which he claimed reveals the Cheeto's next residence. Codebreaking commenters deciphered the alleged Colorado coordinates, excited to be "in the know."

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Selfies Encouraged: Posing with the Roadside Oddity

The giant roadside Cheeto wasn't constructed just to be gawked at from car windows. This snack statue was made for selfies. Getting up close and personal with the crispy curl is the whole point. The sculpture's creators intentionally chose its height and angles to facilitate photos. They know that selfie-taking travelers translate to higher engagement and viral fame.

Posing with the jumbo junk food has become a trending pastime thanks to social media. When people take quirky travel selfies next to eye-catching attractions like the Cheeto, it satisfies our innate human desire to be part of the experience. Sharing these photos allows us to demonstrate that we were there in real life. The cheese curl pics also reflect our personalities through humorous or creative poses.

Ashlyn TikTok'd her entire encounter with the roadside Cheeto, from initially spotting it to scrambling out of the car to snapping dozens of selfies from every possible position. She even filmed her friends tossing Cheetos snacks into the air with the giantCheeto behind them. Ashlyn's video went mega viral, gaining over 2 million views.

Part of the fun of posing with the cheese curl statue is coming up with novel ways to interact with it. Social media users compete to one-up each other with the most eye-catching Cheeto selfies. One guy pretended the curled end was a hammock, laying in it casually reading a book. A group of friends stacked on top of each other to mimic the arc of the Cheeto. Even pets get in on the action, with some owners snapping pics of dogs playfully peeking out from inside the statue’s hollow center beam.

When six traveling nurses on a road trip detoured to find the Cheeto sculpture, they devised a hilarious pseudo boy band album cover. The group arousalund the curl prop, looking longingly into the distance as if they were a 90s pop sensation named Nacho Average Cheezos. Their clever photo went hugely viral on Instagram, earning praise for creativity.

Selfie options are endless thanks to the versatility of the Cheeto's shape and structure. Young kids like to dangle from the bottom of the curve as if playfully taking a bite. Teens often pretend to lick the Cheeto like it's a giant ice cream cone. Artistic Instagrammers utilize the snack statue as an abstract framing element for fashion and nature photography.
So much meaning gets encoded in these selfies. They represent nostalgia for childhood joy when junk food seemed thrillingly larger than life. The photos communicate living in the moment, feeling present through humorous connections with these temporary pop culture phenomena. And the act of postingCheeto pics enables a sense of community across digital spaces.

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Future Plans: What's Next for the Big Cheetos?

The giant roadside Cheeto has taken on a life of its own, transcending marketing stunt status to become a full-fledged viral phenomenon and cultural touchstone. Its popularity shows no signs of fading anytime soon. If anything, the fascination with the quirky snack statue seems destined to continue gaining momentum as more people discover this kitschy roadside attraction.

But will the giant Cheeto remain a roaming statue, periodically popping up in random locations to surprise and delight travelers? Or are there bigger, more permanent plans in the works for this celebrated curiosity?

According to inside sources, the creators of the jumbo junk food have some exciting developments on the horizon to evolve the larger-than-life cheese curl into an even more engaging experience. They aim to harness the momentum of the viral sensation and spin it into a booming business.

Rumors are circulating that the team is scouting locations to establish the first official Giant Cheeto theme park. This would take the pop culture phenomenon to the next level, giving fans a dedicated pilgrimage point instead of a never-ending scavenger hunt. Visitors could pose for selfies and play interactive games at a slew of oversized, Cheeto-inspired rides and attractions.

The creators also hope to develop a line of Giant Cheeto merch. T-shirt designs featuring the sculpture or its catchphrases like "Goodness That's Big" are a hot seller whenever available. Snow globes and keychains embedded with tiny plastic versions of the statue are also coveted souvenirs. A bonafide online store could make these collectibles more widely accessible to Superfans.

Some supporters think the viral roadside oddity deserves a more permanent, museum-style home. A crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign is underway to purchase the original Giant Cheeto sculpture and donate it to the Smithsonian for inclusion in their pop culture exhibit. Campaign organizers argue the cheese curl has achieved true icon status.
However, other Cheeto devotees prefer the transient thrill of not knowing the sculpture's whereabouts. For road trippers, the element of surprise and discovery is part of the fun. They enjoy piecing together clues to pinpoint the statue's location via traveler intel and landscape analysis. These adventurers feel permanently planting the Cheeto takes away its mystique.

No matter what shape the Giant Cheeto's future takes, one thing seems certain - this quirky roadside attraction has earned a lasting place in our cultural consciousness. It tapped into our childlike sense of wonder and playfulness. The sculpture gave us all permission to take a break from adulting to giggle at its sheer randomness and snap a silly selfie.

Some phenomena fade fast, but the Giant Cheeto has emerged as no passing fad. Its ability to consistently attract smiling crowds speaks to an innate human connection. We can't help but light up when encountering something unexpectedly joyful.
This oversized oddity represents a shared experience that has resonated across generations. For a brief moment in time, society rallied around something uplifting that brought out our collective playful spirit. And we have the Sculptors, Zack Seward and Rusty Kegley to thank for making this wonderfully weird vision a reality.

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Chester Cheetah Approves: Brand Response to the Sculpture

You might expect the parent company of Cheetos to be upset about an unauthorized, oversized replica of their famous snack food popping up randomly across America. But Frito-Lay leaned into the viral moment, embracing the giant roadside Cheeto as free advertising and a unique branding opportunity.

The sculpture's uncanny resemblance to an actual Cheeto puff evokes instant nostalgic cravings in viewers. Its quirky novelty presents a perfect marketing opening for cross-promotion. Frito-Lay capitalized by dispatching none other than Chester Cheetah, their cartoon mascot, to pose for pics with the jumbo junk food. Talk about a made for Instagram collab.

Chester's playful presence amplified the social media chatter surrounding the giant Cheeto. It was a smart tactic, associating their brand with one of the hottest viral sensations. Chester's giant Cheeto content organically spread brand awareness to millions of users.
But it wasn't just about hype and impressions. Frito-Lay displayed genuine appreciation for the tribute to their iconic snack. The company awarded the sculpture's creators with a year's supply of Cheetos to fuel their inventive efforts. They even hinted at potential future licensing agreements if the viral moment can translate to merch sales.
The brand's positive reaction endeared them to fans. It showed Frito-Lay has a sense of humor about themselves, which resonates with young demographics. The company's embrace of the giant Cheeto craze as flattering reflects awareness that their core products hold a special nostalgia and place in popular culture.

Even non-brand content creators praised this response. Travel influencer @GinaontheGo thanked Frito-Lay for being "good sports about this quirky monument that's making so many people smile." Brands that can relax and engage authentically with cultural memes tend to earn public trust.
Some influencers took it even further, hoping to turn their giant Cheeto content into lucrative sponsorships. A few enterprising creators approached Frito-Lay pitching integrations if the brand supplied their own custom oversized snacks.

The brand has so far seemed cautious about diluting the impromptu magic of the original sculpture. But marketing experts think it's only a matter of time before Frito-Lay looks to capitalize more directly. One analyst suggested creating a contest for fans to submit designs for new viral roadside snacks, with winners earning cash prizes and a cut of the promotional profits.

One creative mom in Indiana even petitioned Frito-Lay to financially back construction of a Giant Funyuns statue for her town. She promised it would attract plenty of engagement as Funyuns have a cult following among Gen X snack nostalgics. No word yet on whether the brand has accepted.

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Snack Attack: Our Favorite Oversized Food Icons

The giant roadside Cheeto is far from the first larger-than-life food icon to enthrall the public. We have an appetite for supersized sculptures celebrating our favorite snacks and guilty pleasures. These monuments to junk food tap into our childlike sense of wonder and joy.

There's just something magically playful about coming across a gigantic replica of a beloved food brand. We can't help but feel drawn to them, breaking into smiles as we snap silly selfies. These curiosities compel us to stop and be fully present in the moment. A welcome break from the overloaded pace of modern life.
For seasoned road trippers, huge food sculptures have long been a highlight of any cross-country adventure. Before the age of social media, they acted as quirky curios for us to discover and collect memories of along the highway. Now, these giants garner viral fame as we showcase our encounters with colorful photos and videos.

The Big Donut in Los Angeles remains an iconic example started in the 1950s. Towering over Randy's Donuts, the 30-foot standing circle glazed with pink icing screams photo op. It even appeared in movies from Iron Man to Mars Attacks, cementing its pop culture status. Customers still flock for selfies with "Randy" decades later.

Or take Lucy the Elephant in coastal New Jersey, constructed from wood and tin in 1881 by a real estate developer seeking to attract vacationers. At over 60 feet tall and 90 tons, Lucy has endured every trend and generation thanks to her enduring charm and personality.

In more recent years, the giant peach water tower of Gaffney, South Carolina has lured roadtrippers off the freeway since its unveiling in 1981. Juicy and tempting hovering over the peach groves, it exemplifies South Carolina's peach harvest. Instagrammers adore its pastel palette and picturesque setting.
Quirky oversized icons can act as monuments to key local industries everywhere from the Seattle's steam punk Pig "Rachel" to the fiberglass half-ton strawberry overseeing Strawberry Point, Iowa. They pay homage to regional pride and specialties.
Contemporary mega-sculptures also illustrate our modern obsession with imagined brand mascots and advertising. Statues of the Jolly Green Giant or the menthol Kool Penguin feel as familiar as any historic monument. We form deep associations with these fictional spokescharacters.

In Minnesota, fans saved a 22-foot fiberglass statue of Big Ole the Viking from being auctioned off when its first home closed. Big Ole was relocated to the city of Alexandria where he continues to smile proudly, representing our human need for connection.

The World's Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, Illinois shows off the pride of the local Catsup factory. Erected in 1949, this water tower oozes over 170 feet of red and white awesomeness. It was nearly torn down before avid fans fought to save it as a piece of 20th-century Americana.

Larger Than Life: The Giant Roadside Cheeto That's Drawing Crowds - Cheesy Goodness: Why We Love Cheetos

Our enthusiasm for Cheetos goes far beyond basic snacking satisfaction. This puffed cheese curled corn snack holds a special place in our collective nostalgia and pop culture history. It's no coincidence that Cheetos emerged as the giant roadside sculpture likely to strike viral fame.

Cheetos have been a pantry staple since the mid 1900s. But they didn't just appeal to our tastebuds. The brand pioneered marketing tactics like anthropomorphic animal mascots and slogans that wormed their way into our consciousness. Who wasn't tempted by dares to get caught with those neon orange Cheeto fingers?

The first televised Cheetos commercials in the 70s wisely positioned the snack as a playful free spirit. Their message of embracing childlike fun and mischief resonated with kids and adults alike. The "It's Not Easy Being Cheese" slogan emphasized Cheetos' uniqueness in the junk food space. Why settle for plain old cheese doodles when you could enjoy the rebellious, cheesy difference of a real Cheeto?

That air of quirky confidence is part of why Chester Cheetah endures as one of the most beloved brand mascots. He's always been portrayed as hip and suave with a clever wink. The tone struck a chord with multiple generations who saw themselves reflected in Chester's cool factor and hungry spirit.

The brand further won Gen X loyalty by sponsoring the Nickelodeon game show Wild & Crazy Kids. Teams competed in zany oversized obstacle courses, reinforcing the playful fun Cheetos aimed to represent. Kids accepted Chester into our circle of trusted media friends.
As teens in the 90s, many Millennials remember coveting the coveted Cheetos Paws over other cheese snacks. The shape of snackable "paw prints" felt more appealing to our emerging individualism and desire for self-expression. Eating those Paws satisfied our youthful craving for freedom and adventure beyond the nest.

Cheetos also emerged as a fixture of pop culture through product placements and branded content deals. In E.T., Elliot used a trail of Cheetos to lure the lovable alien back home. Orange finger dust all over the pages cemented Cheetos' role in the iconic Revenge of the Nerds. And Chester Cheetah himself appeared in adult animated series like South Park and Family Guy.
In the social media age, Cheetos has continued to ride the zeitgeist. Collaborations with digital influencers like BadlandsChugs went viral on YouTube and TikTok. Fans gleefully participated in online debates about specialized regional flavors and recipe hacks.

When nostalgia wistfulness surged, Cheetos capitalized by re-releasing retro product designs. Millennials snatched up Basically Chester and Cheetos Paws bags reminiscent of our 90s snacks of choice. We bought into the emotional pull of our youth.

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