Great Ethiopian cuisine at Yeshi Buna, Addis Ababa

Written and Published March 5, 2015

Yeshi Buna is a chain of traditional Ethiopian food eateries with a number of outlets in the city of Addis Ababa. They serve traditional Ethiopian food in a simple, yet clean, environment.

The Yeshi Buna restaurant I visited is about one mile from Bole Road (a 20-30 minute walk). It's best to use Foursquare, since it will guide you via GPS to the exact location (it's easy to miss).

True to form of many Ethiopian restaurants (as you can read about in my review of Kategna restaurants in Addis Ababa), you will have a choice between vegetarian dishes and fir-fir, which is made from dried meat. Almost all dishes will be served on a big serving of injera - the Ethiopian bread.

I ordered the vegetarian appetizer plate - beyayenetu. It combines all the spicy, vegetarian options that the restaurant has to offer. The spiciness is just below Thai spicy, so it will make your tongue hurt, but it will not stop you from eating it (as some Thai dishes do to me).

The wats (or curries) tasted better than anywhere else during my time in Ethiopia.

I went twice to Yeshi Buna in a day - that's how much I liked it! The appetizer is priced at 80 Birr - about $4.

Close by is Yohannes Kitfo - another well-known spot for Ethiopian-themed delicacies which specializes in minced meat (mostly beef). The restaurant has no menu and the waiters don't speak much English. I took some pictures but did not eat - I was so full from binging on the vegetarian dishes at Yeshi Buna.

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