Photo Review Jaffa (Yafo) Old Town (Tel Aviv)

Written and Published March 2, 2015

The ancient trading port of Jaffa is now a fully integrated part of Tel Aviv. For comparison purposes, think of an old Spanish fishing town showing up in Venice Beach in Los Angeles - this is how Jaffa seems, coming from the beaches of Tel Aviv.

During the last 20 years, Jaffa has gentrified heavily and is now, for the most part, beautifully restored. It features some of the best cuisine (including my favorite hummus place in Tel Aviv - Abu Hassan), cafes and shopping.

Two weeks ago, on a stormy afternoon, I took a stroll through the area around the lighthouse where trading consulates were once housed, with the help of Foursquare.

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The area around the Jaffa (Yafo) Flea Market and the Shaffa bar

Jaffa Lighthouse area and the Summit Garden

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