Taste wonderful Ethiopian cuisine at Lucy (next to the Ethiopian National Museum)

After indulging in Ethiopian food at Yeshi Buna and Kategna, I wanted to get my Ethiopian food fix in a more upscale setting that still delivered traditional cuisine.

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Lucy is a restaurant just next to the National Museum. After negotiating for what seemed liked 20 minutes with the local taxi mafia, I found a 1950s Lada driver to huff and puff me up the steep hill.

Lucy has a beautiful garden that is set away from the noisy and polluted road. It’s a rare option to be able to sit outside.

I immediately asked for permission to peek my lens into the busy kitchen that serves both traditional and more modern dishes.

I opted for the doro wat (chicken curry) and shiro (bean curry) with Ethiopian bread (injera).

While I did not like the chicken meat itself, I liked both curries a lot. They were just the right flavor and spiciness and mixed extremely well with the sour Ethiopian bread.

After lunch, I ordered an Ethiopian macchiato and while you may not expect incredible coffee in a restaurant in the US, here in Ethiopia it is different – my coffee was fantastic; the right mix of espresso and milk.

The price tag was a bit more expensive than elsewhere, but for two orders, bread and coffee it came out to $12.

Since it’s right door to the National Museum of Ethiopia, I went to see the museum afterwards. It’s not exactly exciting but is well kept and only has a couple of exhibitions. It’s more like a run-down mini-exhibition, but it is only 10 Birr (50 cents).

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4 / 5 stars