Photo Review Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar, Senegal

Written and Published March 17, 2015

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The Radisson Blu Dakar, Senegal was on my list of hotel properties that I really wanted to visit. In fact, I have been planning to stay there ever since I did the research for the best Club Carlson redemptions.

My trip to Dakar was delayed by 24 hours because of South African Airways mistakes, so I had to cancel my initial hotel booking. Too bad there was no availability with points anymore for the new dates once I canceled my booking.

However, during my stay in Dakar I drove out to the Radisson to shoot some pictures.

The hotel is set into a cliff - it's built directly into it. The setting is fantastic - overlooking the calm Atlantic Ocean. However, the outdoor areas are really tiny - maybe 20-30 benches and a small pool. There is a bit of an open lawn to the right of the main building, but that isn't really big either.

The hotel impresses with ocean views from the guest rooms and I'm a little sad I did not get to enjoy them myself.

One drawback of the hotel is the location - besides a shopping mall, there isn't much going on in this area and you need a cab to town or anywhere else you'd like to go. There are plenty of cheap cabs in town, but the constant haggling process can easily annoy.

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