Sheraton Deira (Dubai) Hotel Review

Book the Sheraton Deira (Dubai) Hotel here. Last week, I had yet another quick layover in Dubai and I wanted to give the Sheraton Deira a try. The hotel is located in the oldest part of Dubai, a part of the city that would seem a bit forgotten if it were not for the airport that's also in this part of the town. The ride from the airport takes less than 10 minutes. I arrived late and my check-in was (for the first time in Dubai) really quick - I got my room key in less than a minute. No crazy back and forth or card scanning required. I had used one of the Suite Night Awards (I still have 7 unused awards for this year) to upgrade my room. The suite was really nice - much better than what you'd expect walking through the lobby. There was a large living area with a sofa and coffee table. The bed was huge and the materials all seemed brand new. The bathroom was old and tired though and somehow has skipped the latest renovation that this room clearly underwent recently. There is a Sheraton lounge (aren't all all Sheratons supposed to have a lounge by now?!) but you can also have the full breakfast down in the breakfast area in the lobby. None of the items will make you cheer, but they may fill your hungry tummy in the morning. This is a good hotel for a quick Dubai Airport layover. But it isn't a great base to explore Dubai or to find great cuisine around.

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