The Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel Review – a tropical paradise in the heart of Dubai

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The Grant Hyatt Dubai is located in an odd spot of land between Bur Dubai and the new Downtown Dubai area. Finding the roads to the hotel can be a challenge, with several freeways intersecting near the hotel.

The hotel has a HUGE lobby and the car drop-off is under a waterfall. Pretty cool.

The inside lobby is equally stunning, with a roof made of dhows (the local wooden boats) and an inside rainforest and waterfall.

The front desk is wide, but busy pretty much all the time. I had a friendly check-in agent who was able to figure out the details of my reservation quickly and knew about Platinum benefits (well, it's just internet really).

I had used the free night from the Chase Hyatt credit card for the stay. It's excellent value, since you pay the annual fee of $75 and get a free night in a category 1-4 Hyatt. The Grand Hyatt Dubai is a category 4, but sells rooms for $300+ per night.

I went up to my non-smoking room (the hotel has 600 rooms) and realized that my neighbors were partying hard (at 3PM) with smoke coming through the door from the other room.

I called down and requested another room and my request was granted, with help being sent right away.

The rooms are huge and very well appointed. The internet worked fast all the time in the guest rooms.

The bathrooms are really impressive and I liked the Grand Hyatt amenities provided.

What's really stunning, though, are the grounds of the Grand Hyatt. The outdoor area is modeled after a tropical rainforest and something you'd expect in Singapore but that I haven't seen anywhere else in Dubai. Lush grass and tropical trees; it's very beautifully executed. There are a number of pools with deep and shallow water and many well-designed benches.

There is also an inside pool (for especially hot or cold days) and of course a gym. The gym is small compared to the rest of the property. There is a good amount of equipment, but it is rather cramped.

The Grand Hyatt Dubai pools will work well for families with small children. There is no drinks service there, though, as far as I could tell.

Like almost all upscale hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it also features complimentary valet parking.

The hotel has a number of restaurants and bars (yes, it's that huge) and the price level isn't punishing. I had a snack and made it for happy hour at the wine bar. Both provided excellent food and drink, service and value.

Since there was no breakfast included, I had pastries and coffee at the coffee shop. Both were excellent and no more expensive than any other good coffee shop in town.

My staff interactions were really good here - people speak fluent English and actually try. Staff at most hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi seem indifferent and can't speak English beyond the 50 keywords of the hospitality industry. Not so at the Hyatt, where people actually understood a request for 'milk' or 'late checkout' (these simple words often present an enormous challenge in Dubai without English as the official and predominant language in town).

The guest manager came up upon check-out to introduce himself and asked for feedback.

I really liked the hotel - the location, the hardware, the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I'd love to go back.

Book the Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel here

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