Sheraton Mexico City Review (Sheraton Maria Isabel)

Written and Published May 11, 2016

Sheraton Mexico City Review (Sheraton Maria Isabel)

After a bit of research I found the Sheraton Mexico City for just $114 (plus tax) on and for $96 plus tax on Both rates were non-refundable and for the same room.

I filed a Starwood Best Rate Guarantee claim right away without making a reservation on first - the BRG claim form let's you do that (just click on no reservation yet).

Of course the team replied 48 hours later that a reservation is required. By that time of the reply on 48 hours before check-in was left. I called the direct Starwood BRG line at +1866 500 0368 and the friendly agent basically said that it would not happen since they have to '...sent it off to someone who speaks Spanish...'.

This adds at least 48 hours usually and I still would require a non-refundable reservation on to get a claim process started so much for broken Best Rate Guarantees.

So I booked on

We arrived at 7 AM - clearly well before the official check-in time and I managed my expectations - even after adding my Gold status. I just found the response from the check-in agent odd - she said rooms are available but a $75 charge would be required to get a room before 11 AM. That's the policy and fair enough but I found the whole check-in communication not helpful. There also was no pre-checkin - after going through all the check-in motions I was told to come back later (but we could store our bags).

Around 11 AM the room was ready and the check-in quicker than I anticipated and with agent who spoke fluent English.

The room was old - the carpet was dark from all the stains over the decades. The windows was more a bullet hole than a window and the bathroom truly well aged (like at the JW Marriott Surabaya).

Sheraton Mexico City Review (Sheraton Maria Isabel)

Sheraton Mexico City Review (Sheraton Maria Isabel)

Sheraton Mexico City Review (Sheraton Maria Isabel)

The good news about this place were the fast Internet (the check-in agent told us to use the Premium option complimentary since I selected this as my Premium amenity) and the spacious and clean bed.

This was one of the hot days in Mexico City and the temperatures would rise into the low 90s. Since we left rather quickly to explore Mexico City we would not notice that the AC would produce a lot of noise but no cooling and no air flow. When we came back the situation hadn't changed and while we were still hopeful it would work now that we would give it more time (we had switched it off when leaving) but no dice. It was a hot night (although the outside would cool down well).

I inquired in the morning if that is 'normal' and the agents simple said no. No compensation was offered or even a conversation was to be had about this.

He also volunteered information that the room we were in were due for a renovation and those ar ethe only left that are not renovated. I mentioned my Gold status and he replied with such upgrades never happened - you need to book the new wing to get it.

While the Sheraton Mexico City has great location right at the Paseo Reforma - it has terrible rooms (the not renovated wing) and hapless employees. The lobby area resembles a budget hotel much more and there aren't any design elements in the building.

So avoid this hotel as much as you can - or get at least a room in the renovated wing.

UPDATE - I contacted @spgassist on Twitter and they offered 3,000 Starpoints as a goodwill gesture. That's a fair resolution!