How to get a free carry-on with Pegasus Airlines

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About Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is a cost-effective airline that operates and handles flights going back and forth between Asia and Europe. With a 3-star ranking, Pegasus Airlines provides its customers with quality onboard facilitation including free carry-on. Moreover, it has better airports and great onboard products to offer.

Rules & Regulations of Pegasus Airlines for Free Carry-on Baggage Allowance

According to its baggage allowance policy, Pegasus Airlines allows a passenger to bring only one free carry-on baggage. Its size should be 55cm x 40cm x 20cm with a weight of no more than eight kilograms. This is known as cabin baggage which has no charges and is included in the ticket. The alternative to cabin baggage can be a personal item. The maximum size of the item should be 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. Keep in mind, that a passenger can bring only ONE item on board as cabin baggage.

How to get a free carry-on with Pegasus Airlines

For the passengers, clarity, a small personal item may include a laptop, camera, strollers, handbags, car seats, diaper bags etcetera.

In case of checked baggage, there comes an additional fee charge. For checked baggage, there are no restrictions for size dimensions. However, the weight allowance of Pegasus airline offers 15-20 kg (for domestic flights, 15 kg and for international flights, 20 kg).

Then comes the excess baggage which has to be additionally paid for, as well. For excess baggage, the weight allowance is 32 kg. In terms of any baggage, we would advise you to strictly follow the weight allowance and size dimensions. It is important as this airline’s staff can measure any carry-on baggage that you bring along.

How to Get More Baggage Allowance with Pegasus Airlines

Use Online Method to Pay for Excess Baggage

Purchasing baggage online is a really smart move as this way, Pegasus Airlines would charge you 5 Euros only (in case of basic ticket which offers excess baggage upto 20 kg). We advise, that you should measure the baggage before leaving for the airport. This way, you will be able to avoid high airport charges for excess baggage. According to an estimation, carry-on baggage purchases at airport can cost higher than 50%. For basic ticket holders who purchase baggage at the airport are charged 8 Euros. So, making an online purchase to have more baggage allowance is better and cheaper.

Stuff Your Cabin Baggage (Do not overdo)

As Pegasus Airlines allows a passenger to bring one free item as cabin baggage, one can stuff all of his belongings into the bag. With this bag, you will be able to fit in all your important items.

How to get a free carry-on with Pegasus Airlines

While you keep your items into this bag, make sure that its weight does not exceed 8kg.

Utilize Your Personal Item as a Carry-on Baggage

If you are not bringing a 50 x 40 x 20 cm carry-on bag with you, then bringing a free-weight personal item with you is another option that you can utilize to have more space to stuff your items. For instance, using a personal item-sized carry-on (35 cm x 20cm x 20cm) can be a convenient way of using the free baggage allowance policy.

Pack your clothes strategically into your personal item-sized carry-on

With the help of this minimalistic bag as your personal item, there are a lot of techniques that you can use while packing your clothes in it. For a tip, tightly rolling your clothes can help you increase more packing space. On top of that, this compact packing strategy can save your clothes from having creases.

Bring a non-chargeable item with you as a personal item

With Pegasus Airlines’ Bring-Only-One-Item per person policy, you will not able to carry any other item if you have brought a cabin baggage carry-on or personal item-sized carry-on already. If you are planning to bring neither of these, using a handbag can be of great use, too. If not handbag, diaper bag, or stroller is something you can bring too.

Join BolBol Membership (Frequent Flyer Program)

Pegasus Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called Pegasus BolBol. Being a member of this program, you can earn points that can be further utilized in buying a complete ticket or getting more baggage allowance. Moreover, you can partially pay for your ticket with the use of these BolBol points.

How to get a free carry-on with Pegasus Airlines

Choose a Pegasus Flight Package

Buying an Advantage or Comfort Flex package ticket while using Bol points can help you get flexible services including extra baggage allowance. Using such packages, you can easily save up to 50%.

Use an Alternative to Excess Baggage Option of Pegasus Airlines

There are a lot of online baggage delivery platforms like Stasher that offer comparatively cheaper rates for overweight or excess baggage. Instead of using the excess baggage option of Pegasus Airlines, you can deliver your baggage to the same place you are flying to, with the help of these platforms’ services. Most of these online platforms are customer-friendly and responsive, so you won't have to worry about your extra baggage at all.

Use Your Clothing’s Pockets

In addition to your cabin baggage, you can use your clothing’s pockets to keep your items of daily use. Wearing a winter coat, you can stuff its pockets with your earphones, mobile charger, and other household necessities.

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