How to get a free Carry-on with SpiceJet

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Facts about SpiceJet

SpiceJet is an Indian air carrier that has been known for its cost-efficiency. Awarded for being the best domestic airline in India in the year 2018, this airline has caught the attention of numerous customers.

A go-to airline for Indian domestic flights, SpiceJet stood as the second-largest airline in India in terms of the number of passengers and its market share (which was 13.6%) in March 2019. So, whenever, it’s about taking a domestic flight in India, SpiceJet is the way to go!

Regardless of SpiceJet being extremely cost-effective, there are some smart boarding tips and tricks which can assist you in saving your money even more. So, let’s get down to business!

Extra Carry-on Baggage Allowance Policy of SpiceJet

If you are flying with SpiceJet, you can definitely adjust all of your luggage within the two items of free checked-in baggage. The free baggage allowance policy comes with a carry-on bag weighing no more than 15 kg (for domestic flights) and 20-30kg (for international flights). In addition to that, the allowed size dimensions include 62” Linear.

With the hand baggage, the weight restrictions are 7 kg with the size dimensions of 55 cm + 35 cm + 25 cm when flying on Boeing flights. On Q400 flights, the size dimensions for hand baggage are 50 cm + 35 cm + 23 cm with the same weight specifications. Be sure to measure the weight of each and every bag before you leave for the airport in order to avoid any inconvenient experience.

Easy Boarding Techniques to get a Free Carry-on with SpiceJet

  1. Pre-Book Excess baggage online

If you plan to fly with SpiceJet, pre-booking is always recommended. People who end up paying at the airport are charged INR 500. To get some discounts or fee waivers, use your online payment methods to book ahead of time. On a side note, pre-booking is a safe measure too!

  1. Bring a compact carry-on bag as a personal item

Bringing a compact carry-on can make it extremely easy for you to pack your items. Generally, these bags are designed to provide more storage capacity and take less space as compared to a conventional carry-on bag. Upon bringing such a carry-on bag, you can easily fit it under the seat in front of you. Though, make sure that the weight of this personal item should not exceed more than 7kg. The size dimensions for a personal item are mentioned above.

  1. Utilize Diaper Bags or Strollers

If you are traveling with a baby, SpiceJet offers a free allowance of a hand baggage/stroller/baby bag that can cover the items of the baby. For this additional item, the specified weight, as well as the size dimensions, are the same as those of a personal item.

Bringing a baby stroller can really help you keep all the baby’s items packed in the pockets available in this stroller while you can easily rest the baby in it.

  1. Organize your Luggage

While traveling, how you pack your luggage is one of the most important factors. If you do not organize your luggage in a compact manner, you are going to end up with many bags. This will not only cost you your money but it will also be very inconvenient for you while boarding. So, pay attention to your packing techniques.

  1. Bring your Indian military documents

Those people who serve in the Indian military can avail discounts upto 21% upon their booking. Moreover, while coming to the airport, do not forget to bring your documentation based on the record of the Indian Armed Forces. Also, make sure to reserve the tickets using the SpiceJet website, reservations numbers, or ticketing counters.

  1. Discounts for Students and Senior Citizens (For Indians only)

For senior citizens whose age is above 60, SpiceJet offers 14% off on the original fare (applicable on base fare type only). Additionally, in order to motivate students to use SpiceJet, the student discount comes with a complete 10% off on the base fare.

The age of the student should be above 12. Also, this offer includes a free extra carry-on baggage allowance of 10kg in addition to the 15kg luggage along with a personal item (mentioned above). The condition to avail of any of these offers is to make sure that you make reservations by using the website of SpiceJet/reservation centers/ticket counters.

How to get a free Carry-on with SpiceJet


  1. Do a Group Booking

If you plan to travel with your family or a group of friends, you can save upto 25% on the base fare with this discount offer that has been offered by SpiceJet.

The condition is that the number of group passengers should not be less than 4 or more than 9. This offer can prove to be really beneficial if you are on a budget. Instead of spending more on the collective tickets, you will be saving your money. So, if you wish to save more for the family/friends trip, this is the right offer for you!

How to get a free Carry-on with SpiceJet



  1. Join SpiceClub (Frequent Flyer Program)

This loyalty program provides a bunch of opportunities to all the members based on their tier including free meals, rewards, discounts on the bookings, and more baggage allowance. With the membership of SpiceClub, you get:

  • Collect points

  • Free Carry-on

  • Specials offers & discounts

  • Priority Check-in

  • Free Cancellation

  • Free Ticket change

  • Meals & upgrades (free of charge)

How to get a free Carry-on with SpiceJet

  1. Avail discounts using Promo Codes

Every once in a while, SpiceJet introduces discounts and promo codes. So that, its loyal customers can enjoy different sorts of privileges as well as benefits. To avail discounts on your luggage specifically, you can use promo codes.

  1. Bring shopping bags for food items

On a side note, you can bring edibles to consume during the flight. So, bringing shopping bags on board would not be a problem.

  1. Use your winter clothing’s pockets

Keeping yourself safe from the cold while utilizing your clothing to keep your items safe, too is no doubt a good idea. Winter clothing including jackets, coats, hoodies, and other items can help you store small-sized clothes on the go. For instance, if you are wearing a coat with many pockets, you can put your keys, earphones, mobile chargers, and other important items into your pockets.

Stuffing your coat would not be recommended as this way, you would feel uneasy. So, make sure that you make the right use of everything.

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