How to get Free Carry-on with Sun Country Airlines

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A Brief Intro of Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines, a well-known airlines company, holds the expertise of 35 years. It is situated in Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Being well-reputed, this airline company offers all-rounder services at reasonable and cheap prices. While offering cost-efficient services to the passengers, it provides the coverage of 85+ routes. Moreover, this airline company connects with 50+ well-known destinations. These destinations are found in Mexico, Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

With a 3-star ranking, Sun Country Airlines continues to be a fast-growing airline that provides its passengers with onboarding comfort, great prices, and quality services. With the help of its good reputation, it has been successful in providing world-class air-carrier services to the customers. This has further increased its popularity which is why people often go for this airline company if they are flying to the Caribbean, Central America, or North America.

Free Carry-on Baggage Allowance Policy of Sun Country Airlines

As simple as it is, the policy of Sun Country Airlines implies, that there is no free baggage allowance other than one personal item. Although, the weight of a personal item has not been specified yet the specified size dimensions are 43cm x 33cm x 22.9cm. In addition, for checked baggage allowance, Sun Country Airlines allows upto 3 items of checked bags. Each of these bags should not exceed the size dimensions (61cm x 40.5cm x 28 cm) and the weight of 15.9 kg. For oversized bags, the maximum weight is 50 pounds. Plus, the specified size dimensions are 62” linear.

How to get Free Carry-on with Sun Country Airlines

Interesting Tips & Tricks to Get Free-Carry-on Baggage Allowance with Sun Country Airlines

Purchase Standard Carry-on Bag Online

The best way to make reservations for a standard carry-on baggage allowance is to pay via any online method, This way, you can save upto 15$. Paying online, there is a fee of 30$. However, if you use any other methods like booking the baggage allowance with the help of contact center, you will have to pay the fees of 38$ for one standard bag allowance. In the case of paying at the airport, the charges are 45$.

Bring an Under-seat Carry-on Bag as a Personal Item

When one thinks of a personal item, a laptop, handbag, briefcase, and backpacks come to mind. Why not, buy a carry-on bag that is of the same size as a personal item. Smart, right? There are many under-seat carry-on bags available on Amazon and other online eCommerce websites. These carry-on bags are incredibly light in weight and offer huge capacity. Also, most of them are designed to fit the specified size dimensions of the cabin.

Make use of your US active Military Status

If you possess active US military documentation, you can easily avail free carry-on baggage allowance services including three bags (two checked and one overhead). In order to get a free carry-on baggage allowance for the third overhead bag, you should be able to present a Common Access Card along with uniformed services.

Use Sun Country Airlines® Visa Signature®Card

Using this credit card, you will get up to 50% discount on any baggage fees.

How to get Free Carry-on with Sun Country Airlines

Join Sun Country Rewards (Loyalty Program)

Sun Country Airlines launched a loyalty program that comes with  a number of benefits. For a regular customer who is a member of this program, each reservation made will result in points. You can further utilize these points into booking an extra baggage allowance. The additional features include:

  • Earn 100 points which equal 1$ in Sun Country Purchases

  • Spend the collected points on buying tickets

  • Purchase extra luggage allowance

  • Combine cash with these points

  • Use these points without any time restrictions

  • Use Sun Country Airlines® Visa Signature®Card in combination for additional benefits

How to get Free Carry-on with Sun Country Airlines

Ship your baggage to your destination

Instead of purchasing luggage allowance from Sun Country Airline, you can avail the same services from an online baggage delivery platform. Such companies are specialized to ship your baggage safely to the same destination that you are flying to. For example, Stasher is a luggage delivery platform that offers prices that are 50% cheaper as compared to other shipping companies and airlines.

Bring a stroller and/or car seat

If you are traveling with a baby, bringing a stroller and/or a car seat is allowed. In addition to a personal item, a stroller and a car seat are two items that will not incur any charges.  Also, keep in mind that there is no baggage allowance for the baby’s bag, so you will be needing to adjust the baby’s items into your checked bag.

To avoid having your bag’s space consumed, you can buy a stroller that comes with a big storage capacity, so all the baby's necessities can be packed in the stroller that you bring along.

Mix with food items?

You can also bring food items with you to consume during your flight. Food items or any bag that stores your edibles add to the personal item. However, the staff at the check-in desk may disagree with you bringing a shopping bag.

Use Compact Packing Strategies

While packing your clothes in your bag, be sure to make use of compact packing strategies, so you can have more space. For example:

  • You can use packing cubes which will compress your clothes even more.

  • Use the bundle technique.

  • Tightly roll your clothes while placing them in your bag.

These techniques are definitely useful if you have limited bags and more clothes to pack. Avoid stuffing your bag and organize your clothing in a compact manner instead. In addition to that, such techniques are often helpful in loading and unloading your luggage.

Utilize your coat’s pockets

If you are on a budget and don’t wish to spend much on baggage allowance charges, wearing a big coat with many pockets can benefit you a lot. Keeping little-sized basic items into your pockets can save some space in your bag.

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