How to Get a Free Carry-on with Ryanair

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Things You Need to Know Before Flying with Ryanair

Ryanair is one of the most-liked airlines among the students who study abroad. A group of Irish businessmen initiated this airline which led to becoming the greenest airline in Europe. Its headquarters are based in Dublin which is the Irish capital.

The scope of this airline covers 37 countries including 225 destinations. What makes Ryanair stand out is that it is known to be one of the cheapest airlines in Europe which offer convenient airport services, efficient and cost-effective prices, and quality flight experience.

Most of the students opt for this airline as Ryanair proves to be an all-rounder in terms of providing primary benefits to its passengers. When customers plan to fly with this airline, they are often curious about what could save them from the expense of extra baggage. For all those people who are looking for some smart tips and tricks to get extra baggage allowance for free or at cheaper prices, this article will do the work!

What’s the Free Carry-on Baggage allowance Policy of Ryanair

There are different policies of free carry-on baggage allowance for different types of tickets when flying with Ryanair. With the non-priority ticket, Ryanair does not permit the passengers to bring anything other than a personal item. On a non-priority ticket, the specified size dimensions of a personal item are 25cm x 40cm x 20cm.

How to Get a Free Carry-on with Ryanair

However, on buying a priority ticket, you get a free baggage allowance of one item whose weight should not exceed 10 kg. Besides, its size dimensions should not be greater than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Along with cabin baggage weighing no more than 10 kg, you can bring a personal item along with yourself as well.

For more baggage space, you will have to buy it and the price will be in accordance with the route that you choose. You can purchase three checked baggage items, each weighing 20 kg. Also, if your purchased luggage space exceeds 20 kg, then Ryanair staff will be charging 11 Euros per kg till it reaches 32 kg. If the weight load goes above 32 kg, then you will not be allowed to check that bag in. Keep this part in mind as Ryanair staff is very strict with the implementation of its rules and regulations.

Ways to get Free Carry-on Space with Ryanair

So now, let’s get to the part of how you can save more with Ryanair.

Get a carry-on of personal item’s size

If you are planning to buy a non-priority ticket that only comes with the allowance of a free personal item, you can actually get a carry-on whose size is not greater than 25cm x 40cm x 20cm. But be sure of your carry-on size, as you would have to fit it underneath the seat positioned in front of you. To be on the safer side, there are many under-seat carry-on bags available on Amazon, that can help you with this!

How to Get a Free Carry-on with Ryanair

Moreover, you can see that there is no specifications regarding how much should a personal item weigh. So, you can stuff it as much as you can, being considerate of its size dimensions.

Buy a Priority Ticket for Free Carry-on Allowance

For you to have a better experience and a guaranteed baggage allowance, buying a priority ticket would be a better option. Also, most of the priority tickets get sold out real quick. So, if you think, that a priority ticket is worth your money, which it definitely is, then you should not wait for long. A priority ticket comes with:

  • Pleasant boarding experience

  • Guaranteed checked-in bags

  • A 10 kg cabin luggage with size dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

  • A personal item (you can bring an under-seater if you want)

So, on a priority ticket, you need to make the right use of every bag that you are allowed to bring, and voila!

Purchase Checked Baggage Allowance Online

It is always best if you make all the purchases online as this way, you can save a few Euros. Avoid purchasing luggage allowance at airport, as the prices can be 50% higher than the ones online.

On an important note, you should always arrive before 40 minutes of your flight at least. This is necessary as the drop location of baggage gets closed when there are 40 minutes left for a flight to take off. So, if you book your baggage allowance online and do not come to the location before the suggested time, you are going to miss your baggage space.

Bring strollers, medicine bag, diaper bag

Another benefit that comes with Ryanair, is that in addition to a personal item, they allow 2 baby equipment items per child which is free of charge. So, if you are traveling with a baby, a baby bag along with a stroller is something you can easily bring onboard.

Though make sure that the baby bag does not weigh more than 5 kg. Additionally, its size dimensions should not be bigger than 45cm x 35cm x20cm. Also, you can bring a medicine bag or equipment which will be free of cost. Though, we would not advise you to overdo this part as there is a special staff who pre-clears every item before checking in.

Wear Coats or Jackets with many pockets

Nobody at the airport is going to stop you from stuffing your own coat’s pockets. Keeping important and minimal-sized things safe in your clothing’s pocket is a good option. Keep your food items, mobile charger, earphones, and other things in your pockets and try to save your bag’s space.

Pack compactly

You can use efficient ways to pack your stuff in your carry-on bags. For clothes, you can roll each item tightly so that it doesn’t consume much space.

Get a front-row or emergency exit seat

To have a pleasant experience on a flight, you can buy a big front row seat or emergency exit row seat. Usually, these seats have more space around them. So this way, you would be able to sit comfortably while having your personal item easily adjusted.

Collect Reimbursement Vouchers

Flying with Ryanair, you can always use Reimbursement vouchers to pay for:

How to Get a Free Carry-on with Ryanair

  • Tickets

  • Priority Boarding

  • Extra baggage allowance

For every voucher to use, you get a time period of 12 months.

 Select the right fare type

There are five fare types including Value Fare, Regular Fare, Plus,  Family Plus, and Flexi Plus. You can choose the right fare type keeping the family members' luggage quantity into consideration.


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