Marriott Bonvoy Buy Points Promotion

Written and Published February 19, 2021

In order to drive up interest in travel again, some of the biggest airlines and hotel chains have been putting out interesting promotions and sales for their customers. We already saw Marriott announce some positive updates to the Bonvoy program. Now, they announced the details of their first points sale for 2021!

Marriott Bonvoy Buy Points Promotion

Marriott Bonvoy Buy Points Promotion

Marriott Bonvoy just announced their first buy pints with a bonus promotion for 2021! During this promotion, members can buy pints with a 40% bonus for a limited amount of time. This promotion will be available through March 22, 2021. During a calendar year members can now buy up to 100,000 points instead of 50,000. During this promotion price of a point is around 0.83 cents. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy Marriott points at a cheaper rate.

From the official website:
Get 40% more points when you buy or gift 2,000+ points, now through March 22, 2021. Plus, you can now purchase up to 100,000 points — that's double the previous annual limit. The annual limit includes points previously purchased in 2021, but the 40% bonus points earned with this promotion don't count toward the limit.

Marriott Bonvoy Buy Points Promotion

Details of the promotion:

-In order to participate in this promotion, all transactions should be made between February 16 and March 22, 2021

-This offer is valid only for points purchased through the promotion’s Buy Points or Gift Points pages, which you can find here

-All members can purchase or receive as a gift from another member a combined maximum of 100,000 points. Points that have been already purchased or received as a gift in 2021 are included in the 100,000 Points annual purchase limit

-The 40% bonus points earned with this promotion will not be included in the 100,000 points annual purchase limit

-Keep in mind that a minimum purchase of 2,000 points required in order to be eligible for the promotion

-You can buy Marriott points here!

Marriott Bonvoy Award Category Changes

Starting March 3, 2021, Marriott Bonvoy annual hotel category changes will take effect. Certain Marriott properties will be going up in category and others down. According to the list, 201 hotels will be changing category this year, with 150 dropping down and costing fewer points. Only 51 hotels will go up a category and therefore cost more points. These are some minor award changes, but it’s nice to see that majority of the properties involved will go down a category. You can see the full list and changes here!