AMEX Centurion Lounge Miami Review

Posted on April 29, 2018 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews

The American Express Centurion Lounge in Miami is located near Gate D12. Miami Airport is very spread out and it is easy to underestimate distances. We walked through the D Gate security and it was still a solid 20-minute walk; if in doubt, take the Skytrain.

The American Express Centurion Lounges are very good at keeping common corporate identity down to the same sense that awaits you in the lobby area. The lounge was packed that day and there had been people turned away but the lounge attendant had a good heart and let my twins and myself in without any issues.

The lounge gets a lot of natural light and has a fantastic view over the runway and despite all this is soon cooled down well by the air conditioning.

We had to bring together a bunch of seats to sit somewhere due to the lounge being at capacity. The space is bigger than the Centurion Lounge San Francisco but smaller than the Centurion Lounge Dallas. However, you will find the exact design elements you know from any of the other American Express Centurion Lounges.

The lunch buffet was likely one of my favorites ever, with a lovely turmeric/ginger chicken and rice. I wasn’t a fan of the salad buffet and would have had a hard time relying on this alone in case I hadn’t liked the main.

As with other Centurion lounges, the bar was well-stocked by the bartender who would not make more than one (alcoholic) drink per person there. I’m not sure if that is a rule everywhere but several guests were reminded of that policy.

I found the staff to be visibly annoyed by the crowds. There was no smile or welcome to be heard – it was more like a ‘flight attendant’s MO’ where their looks are designed to make you not even ask a question.

The Miami Centurion Lounge features the same horrible AT&T Internet as in Dallas. It gets VERY slow – especially when it is full. The airport WiFi is much faster but reception is weak in most areas of the lounge.

I enjoyed my time at the Miami Centurion Lounge but felt the staff and Internet could improve. Food, drinks, and ambience are top-notch, though – I can’t think of anything better (for a mass audience).

4 / 5 stars