Live Like a High Roller at LAX’s Plush New Centurion Lounge

Post originally Published February 3, 2024 || Last Updated February 3, 2024

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Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - The Most Luxurious Lounge at LAX

Live Like a High Roller at LAX’s Plush New Centurion Lounge

For frequent fliers passing through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the stress of navigating crowded terminals and lackluster airport amenities can put a serious damper on the travel experience. But American Express recently upped the ante in airport lounges with the opening of their newest Centurion Lounge at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Spanning over 13,000 square feet on two levels, the new lounge provides an unparalleled oasis of luxury for AmEx Platinum and Centurion members looking to escape the madness of LAX. From complimentary gourmet meals curated by award-winning chefs to premium spirits and craft cocktails at the bar, the lounge exudes indulgence and refinement.
Upon entry, guests are greeted by moody lighting, contemporary furnishings like egg chairs and chaise lounges, and artistic decor reflecting an "LA vibe." The relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect setting to decompress before a flight. Those hoping to get some work done can make use of the business center, while casual travelers can surf the web using the lounge's high-speed WiFi.

The lounge's pièce de résistance is undoubtedly its rooftop terrace overlooking the bustling airport tarmac. Out on the terrace, lounge-goers can stretch out on stylish cabana chairs while gazing at jumbo jets taxiing nearby. There's even an outdoor fire pit where guests can stay toasty while enjoying unobstructed runway views. For many LAX frequent fliers, this is the definitive highlight that no other lounge can match.
Centurion Lounge guests also have access to five private shower suites - an invaluable amenity when trying to refresh on a long layover or red-eye connection. The rainfall showers are stocked with high-end Kiehl's toiletries to make travelers feel pampered. And for those hoping to look their best for client meetings or special occasions, on-site attendants provide complimentary shoeshines and clothes pressing.
Of course, no premium lounge experience is complete without top-notch dining options curated by acclaimed chefs. At the LAX lounge's seated dining area and cocktail bar, guests can savor a rotating menu of California-inspired dishes along with premium wine, beer and signature cocktails crafted with premium liquors. For travelers with early-morning flights, the lounge even offers an indulgent breakfast spread.

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Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - An Oasis Above the Departures Madness

Stepping into the sleek confines of American Express's new LAX Centurion Lounge feels like entering an entirely different world from the chaotic hustle and bustle of the airport terminals. As soon as you pass through the frosted glass doors, the frenetic energy of departures gives way to a feeling of refined tranquility.

Gone are the endless queues, cramped waiting areas, and screaming children. In their place, a spacious sanctuary awaits, with plenty of room to stretch out and relax before your flight. The lounge's contemporary design elements like egg chairs, chaise lounges, and abstract art installations exude casual sophistication. Natural light pours in through large windows, opening up the lounge and accentuating its airy, open layout.

Yet even with its bright, modern ambiance, the lounge maintains an intimate vibe. Soft lounge music plays in the background as guests sip cocktails at the bar or catch up on emails in semi-private work nooks. Attendants clad in crisp white shirts move discreetly about, refreshing drinks and clearing plates without interruption.

According to Sophia P., a frequent Centurion Lounge visitor, "I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when I enter one of the lounges. After navigating huge crowds and long security lines, it's like stepping into a different world - elegant, serene, welcoming. I can take a shower, have a great meal, and actually relax instead of battling other travelers for space."

Indeed, the lounge's amenities set it worlds apart from the frenetic terminals surrounding it. The on-site showers with high-end Kiehl's products offer road warriors a chance to refresh on long layovers. Complimentary shoeshines and garment pressing ensure you look sharp for important meetings. And the lounge's dedicated business center provides a professional space to handle emails and calls.

Yet frequent leisure travelers also sing the lounge's praises. Sandy D., a self-professed "lounge lizard," says "I plan my layovers specifically so I can visit Centurion Lounges. After a long flight, it's so nice to have a welcoming space where I can unwind over a glass of wine and a bite to eat without getting nickel-and-dimed. The food is restaurant-quality, not the usual heat lamp stuff you get elsewhere."

Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - Top-Notch Amenities for Weary Travelers

For road warriors and jet-setters constantly crisscrossing time zones, flying can be an utterly draining endeavor. The physical discomfort of spending hours cramped in tiny seats takes a serious toll. Then there's the psychological unease of being hurled through the sky in a metal tube, compounded by the stress of navigating huge airports. Is it any wonder travelers emerge from flights feeling disheveled, edgy, and desperate for comfort?

Start with the lounge's quintet of private showers, providing the ultimate way to refresh and reset after a lengthy haul. As Sophia P. describes, "I always feel grimy and stale after a long flight. Being able to shower and change at the lounge makes me feel human again before my next leg." The spacious suites feature indulgent rainfall showerheads, high-end Kiehl's bath products, and fluffy towels to pamper guests. Don't forget the attendant standing by to provide shaving kits, combs, hairdryers, and other toiletries upon request.
Next, unwind even further thanks to complimentary 10-minute massages, ideal for ironing out the inevitable kinks and cramps accumulated en route. Or visit the Wellness Room outfitted with zero gravity massage chairs, oxygen boosters, and nature soundscapes to promote deep relaxation. Discerning business travelers can make use of semi-private workspaces and conference rooms equipped with printers, scanners, computers, and noise-cancelling headphones optimized for concentration.

For guests focused on looking their best, on-site shoeshine and garment pressing services handle wrinkles, scuffs, and shine. "I've got client meetings immediately after landing, so it's amazing I can have attendants iron my clothes and polish my Oxfords," shares Marco D., a management consultant and Centurion Lounge devotee. "I go straight from the lounge to my meeting without missing a beat."

Of course, nothing erases travel fatigue faster than a proper meal and cocktail. At the lounge's restaurant-quality buffet and cocktail bar, chefs plate up locally-inspired dishes like avocado toast with roasted tomatoes and poached eggs for breakfast. Later in the day, the menu may showcase grilled hanger steak with chimichurri or roasted California seabass with golden raisin relish. An assortment of premium beers, wines, and signature cocktails like the "Hollywood Boulevardier" or "Malibu Sunrise" pair perfectly with meals.

Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - Complimentary Gourmet Meals and Premium Drinks

After braving the travel gauntlet of long flights, cramped seats, and hectic airports, few things can restore a frazzled traveler's sanity like a proper meal and well-made drink. Yet finding restaurant-quality sustenance inside busy terminals often proves impossible. Greasy fast food chains and overpriced airport bars serving watery Bloody Marys simply won't cut it.

That's why Centurion Lounge guests hype the complimentary dining as one of the space's crowning glories. The gourmet buffet curated by acclaimed chefs provides weary lounge-goers the chance to refuel with dishes you'd expect at a fine dining establishment, not an airport lounge.

According to Marco S., a self-described airport foodie who rates every lounge meal on his Instagram account, "Centurion Lounges offer the absolute best complimentary food of any airport lounge I've visited. You can really taste the high-quality ingredients and scratch preparation in every bite. I'd take their grilled chicken Panini over a sad sandwich wrapped in plastic any day."

Indeed, the LAX lounge's chef has crafted a locally-inspired menu to tantalize travelers' palates. For early flights, guests can dig into avocado toast topped with heirloom tomatoes, poached eggs, and microgreens plucked straight from California farms. Lunch and dinner offer heartier fare like grilled hanger steak served with wilted spinach, crispy potato wedges, and chimichurri sauce. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in just-baked cookies from the lounge's dedicated dessert bar.
And what pairs better with gourmet fare than top-shelf drinks? At the lounge's luxurious marble-top bar, in-house mixologists concoct craft cocktails incorporating premium spirits. Centurion Lounges make it a point to highlight local and hyper-seasonal ingredients in their libations. LA is known for its citrus, so lounge bartenders add freshly-squeezed juices to drinks like the "Hollywood Boulevardier" with Bulleit Bourbon, blood orange, and sweet vermouth. There's also a West Coast-leaning wine list boasting California Cabernets and Oregon Pinots to complement meals.
Of course, imbibing before a flight is entirely optional. For the health-conscious, freshly pressed juices provide an invigorating dose of vitamins and minerals sans alcohol. Baristas whip up made-to-order Peet's lattés for those seeking a caffeine hit. An assortment of teas, infused waters, and electrolyte-rich coconut water keeps guests hydrated as well. Centurion Lounge employees constantly roam the space offering to refresh beverages so you never go thirsty.
According to Sophia D., a vegetarian traveler, "Having a dedicated buffet with clearly marked vegetarian options makes such a difference. I can fill up on tasty food instead of settling for a sad salad. And the bartenders always ask about preferences before making suggestions."

Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - Spa-Like Showers to Refresh on the Fly

After being sealed in a cramped cabin breathing recirculated air for hours on end, airline passengers emerge from flights feeling grimy, sweaty, and desperate for a refreshing cleanse. But finding a proper shower inside hectic airports usually proves impossible. Even first class lounges rarely offer more than tiny stall showers reminiscent of truck stops. That's why the spacious spa-like shower suites at Centurion Lounges are such a crowning jewel of the experience, according to frequent guests.
Mia S., a busy trial lawyer used to posh business class lounges, says the Centurion showers are superior to anything she's experienced before. "As a lifelong shower enthusiast, I've tried all the lounge showers, and Centurion's are by far the most luxurious," she shares. "With the huge rainfall shower heads, Aesop products, and plush towels, you feel like you're at a five-star spa."

Indeed, the lounge's shower suites would be at home in any top hotel. At approximately 175 square feet, they are profoundly spacious compared to the phone booth-sized showers found elsewhere. The indulgent amenities continue with adjustable lighting settings, luxe showerheads delivering drenching rain-like pressure, and top-of-the-line bath products. There are large wooden benches so you can sit comfortably while drying off, brushing teeth, or applying makeup.

But most critically, Centurion Lounges offer not just one measly shower stall, but five individual suites. This means even during peak times, guests can refresh without a long wait. And according to Marco S., a semi-pro travel hacker who plans his connections to maximize lounge time, attendants monitor availability via tablets and can advise you when a suite opens up.
For parents like Julie D., the array of shower suites allows her whole family to refresh after a long journey. "When I'm traveling alone for work, I can zip in and out of the showers no problem," she explains. "But with two kids in tow, we'd constantly be battling the one shower in most lounges." At Centurion, her whole crew can wash up simultaneously without hassle.

The lounge showers also excel through thoughtful flourishes business travelers appreciate. Shaving kits, combs, razors, and other toiletries are available should you forget anything while packing. Post-shower (and pre-Skype call) hair dryers mean you look polished and professional. There are even laundry bags if you want attendants to refresh dirty clothes while you wash up.

Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - Pressed to Perfection with Complimentary Laundry Service

For road warriors constantly hopping between far-flung destinations, wrinkled clothes and travel stains become an inevitable nuisance over time. Despite best packing efforts, suits get rumpled, dress shirts crushed, and pants stained after long journeys sealed in airplane cabins. Then there's the toll of spending all day in transit - collars get grimy, jacket cuffs dirty, and odors tend to linger. While higher-end airline lounges might offer a clothes steamer, finding full laundry service is virtually unheard of. But at Centurion Lounges, the complimentary pressing and laundering amenities keep guests looking boardroom-ready without the hassle.

Marco D., a management consultant racking up over 100,000 miles annually, gushes "the garment pressing and laundry services are absolute game-changers." He explains "I go straight from the lounge to client meetings, so looking put-together is critical. The attendants work miracles getting the wrinkles and creases out of my suits - I've never had a crisper shirt collar and pant crease than after visiting Centurion."

Indeed, the lounge's meticulous attendants treat clothing with white-glove care and precision. Upon request, they assess items for spots and odors, then expertly administer steam, heat, and manual pressing to smooth every seam and wrinkle. For travelers with more considerable smoothing needs, attendants accept items of clothing in custom mesh bags to be sent out for professional laundering service. According to Julie S., the 24-hour turnover means "I can freshen up dirty clothes from a long-haul journey while I relax, then collect them good as new before my next flight."

But perhaps most critically, Centurion Lounges boast multiple garment pressing stations and laundry attendants. This means that unlike other lounges where you must jostle for access to a single shared machine, here multiple travelers can be accommodated simultaneously. The abundance of resources ensures you receive prompt service even during busy periods.

Parents like Donald P. find the pressing and laundering facilities especially clutch when traveling with children prone to spills and stains. "Kids plus flights equals guaranteed messes, no matter how neatly I dress them at the start," he chuckles. "It's such a relief knowing the lounge attendants can quickly steam out fruit punch from my daughter's church dress or remove smudges from my son's dress pants before a wedding."

Of course, leisure travelers benefit from the impeccable clothing care too. Lisa R. explains "I want to look sharp when I'm on vacation - who wants to be the schlub in wrinkled shorts and stained tops in vacation photos?" She appreciates having attendants ready to press vacationwear and freshen up essentials. "They've rescued many sundresses that otherwise would have gone straight to Goodwill because of wrinkles."

Live Like a High Roller at LAX's Plush New Centurion Lounge - Family-Friendly Fun for All Ages

While chic lounges like the Centurion tend to evoke images of solitary business travelers quietly typing away or couples clinking glasses of wine, the LAX location bucks stereotypes by also rolling out the red carpet for families. Because let's face it - dragging cranky kids and mountains of carry-ons through congested terminals while trying not to miss flights is extremely stressful. The lounge's wealth of amenities geared towards making travel with little ones easier explain why parents rave it's the ultimate family-friendly oasis.

With its brightly-lit interiors and upbeat ambient music, the lounge offers a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere for families compared to more subdued spaces. Attendants provide crayons, coloring books, and tablets loaded with games to occupy restless children. Kids can refuel at a buffet stocked with child-friendly bites like grilled cheese sandwiches cut into fun shapes or chicken tenders with honey mustard dipping sauce. For parents, the lounge presents a rare chance to enjoy gourmet meals and adult beverages without the chaos of wrangling children in a real restaurant.

The lounge's quintet of shower suites also makes freshening up the whole clan infinitely easier than most lounges where parents and kids battle for a single shower stall. At Centurion, the entire family can wash off the grime of travel simultaneously to start their next flight or vacation feeling revived. Attendants lend a hand providing extra towels, toiletries, and hair dryers so parents' hands stay free.
Parents also appreciate amenities like the shoe shine and garment pressing services to tidy up inevitable kid-related stains and rumples. As mom Cheryl S. explains, "Kids plus planes means someone's clothes inevitably get spilled on or smushed while they wriggle around in seats. The attendants have rescued many a dress or dress shirt from looking too disastrous with their steaming talents."

Even the lounge's location adjacent to Terminal B helps families by minimizing the need to wrangle children over long distances. According to father of two Brian C., "Connecting between terminals with kids in tow can feel like a death march. Being able to refresh and refuel without schlepping to a different concourse is a total game changer."

Plus, the lounge's sleek furnishings and amenities cultivate a vibe elegant enough to impress even moody teens used to luxury vacations. "Lounges can be a hard sell to teens who equate them with boring business travelers," laughs mother Denise W. "But even my son was impressed with the chic egg chairs and views of LAX from the outdoor deck. It definitely elevated the start of our trip."

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