How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

Written and Published November 19, 2016

What's a Dollar Discount Code?

Dollar Rent A Carassigns a corporate discount number (otherwise known as a CD orCDP) so that certain customers can get specific discounts. A corporate discount number can be negotiated for a business's employees (as well as for other Dollar partners), and with regards corporate rates, with Dollarthey may often be cheaper than public ones. If your organization is affiliated with this car rental company, you may be able to save on your advance rental by adding the relevant corporate discount number to your booking.

Major businesses may alsoget value-added promotions and special rental benefits when usinga particular Dollar discountcode.

How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

The Dollar Corporate Program assists business travelers with their travel needs and offers companies throughout the US and Canada benefits such as authorized billing and no extra charge for additional or underage drivers:

How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

Dollar hasone surcharge area in the US - New York - but in other areasthe corporate rate has no additional costs.

ADollar corporate discountnumber can either bealphanumeric, alphabetical or numerical. There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of codes online, so we scoured the internet to find as many as possible, to see how much you can save.

As expected, you can only generally use a corporate discount number with Dollar if you have ID to prove that you're entitled to the rate when picking up your rental, or you could be charged the full daily rate.

How do I use a Dollar Discount Code?

During your reservation, simply click on the 'Corporate' box that says 'Enter corporate #' and enter the relevant code:

How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

Testing the Dollar Discount Code list...

For our tests, we chose a rental picking up at and returning to Orlando International Airport, December 19th to 22nd, 2016. The normal price for a Mid-size, without using a code and including taxes, came up at $82.04 total (estimated) when you pay later or thebargain price of$65.58 total (estimated)when you pay now:

How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

We tried adding each corporate code to the booking to compare prices and, surprisingly, we didn't get a cheaper rate with any of them. These codes showed as invalid CD numbers:

These codes didn't show as invalid, but they didn't show the company name and the rate stayed the same for 'pay now':

These codes allshowed a rate that was more expensive than the original 'pay now' rate:

  • 3028913 ABN Save $77.60- 18% more expensive ($12.02)

  • TB7095 Business Advantage Plus $77.60- 18% more expensive ($12.02)

  • 3042236 Union Privilege $77.60 - 18% more expensive ($12.02)

  • DR0061 DOD $78.86 - 20% more expensive ($13.28)

  • TB7773 State Bar of California $78.86 - 20% more expensive ($13.28)

  • SX6008 Student Advantage $78.86 - 20% more expensive ($13.28)

  • SX6000 (unknown company) $78.86 - 20% more expensive ($13.28)

  • OI1054CVB Magic $82.04 - 25% more expensive ($16.46)

  • CC0196 Shluchin $158.46 - 142% more expensive ($92.88)

  • TB0130 Northeastern University $162.10 - 147% more expensive ($96.52)

  • TB1791 NSA / BPA $165.76 - 153% more expensive ($100.18)

  • TA3895 University of Miami $175.76 - 168% more expensive ($110.18)

  • CC1111 Colorado Titans $180.35 - 175% more expensive ($114.77)

Using this code gave us the error message,"No rates qualify due to pickup and or ret restrictions" (sic):

Using these codes gave us the error message, "Requested rate or given acct rates do not qualify":

So all thecodeswe tried either gave us a more expensive rate or didn't work. Worst of all, using the Colorado Titans corporate code worked out $114.77 more expensive (a whopping 175% increase!)

How much can a Dollar Discount Code save you?

What else do I need to know about using aDollar Discount Code?

In this instance it seems that using a Dollar corporate discount number doesn't save you anything and can even cost you more, but it may well depend on the rental location, dates and, of course, the code you use. It's always best to compare costs, so try a booking with and also without your company's corporate code added.

Youmay be able to find your company's discount codeon this handyFlyerTalk threador by a quick Google search. If you can't find your code, youcould ask HR if there is an account number foryou to use with Dollar or contact Dollar directly. Maybe your company's code will save you a bundle!