Is Cathay Pacific Business Class the best Business Class to sleep in?

Posted on April 15, 2016 by in Airline Reviews, Best use of Cathay Pacific / Asia Miles


Last week I flew Cathay Pacific Business Class from Bali (DPS) to San Francisco (SFO) via Hong Kong (HKG). I was quite a bit unwell so I did not collect enough memories to write a full review.

The first leg from Denpasar to Hong Kong (which is almost 5 hours in flying time) was run by the horrible regional Cathay Pacific Business Class which I endured from Bangkok (Review) which I really do not like. Bali is likely not a major premium market but Business Class was full with mostly European tourists. I was hoping the lie-flat Regional Business Class would be deployed a bit more.

However much to my surprise the catering was excellent on my flight from Denpasar to Hong Kong – I was impressed (and quite full afterwards).




After spending some time at Cathay Pacific, the Wing lounge I was happy to finally board after midnight to San Francisco. Unlike my last flight we had much less turbulence and I slept the while flight of 11 hours like a baby.

I’m not sure what it is but I feel I sleep much better in Business Class lately than First Class. I noticed that also with Qatar Business Class I usually like hard mattresses – in fact I sleep on minimal padding on the floor a lot – and Business Class seats come with less padding than First Class seats.

I also tend to eat a little less in Business Class and drink less (since both are often not as exciting) – maybe that contributes – but I felt very happy in the Cathay Pacific mini suites. I have a bunch more red-eye flights booked with Cathay Pacific in Business – let’s see what happens next time.