Review: The Wing – Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge Hong Kong, Gate E2

Written and Published April 8, 2014

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One of thefirst articles I ever posted on this site was my review of the Cathay Business Class Lounge. In fact, some of the videos that I shot, that I put on YouTube, do rather well.

I can report that not much has changed since my last visit. In fact, I'd be hard-pressed to find any changes.

The first class lounge renovation is done, but I wasn't able to see it with my business class ticket.

Here are some impressions:

The noodle bar only opens at 7AM, though the little coffee shop which dishes out good espresso and has some good looking pastries opens at 6.30AM.

The WiFi was OK, with about 3-4 Mbit, but it was getting markedly slower once more people arrived - I ended up with maybe 0.5 Mbit at the end. However, it worked most of the time.

In sum, this is a good lounge and is certainly above the standard of most US lounges. The noodle bar dishes out rather good noodle portions and the coffee is from a real espresso maker. It would be great if they installed a better internet pipe, especially since Hong Kong utilities offer 100 Mbit lines to residents for under $10/month. Many US lounges now have incredibly fast internet.

I went for a shower;early in the morning with all the US flights arriving, the line was about 30 minutes. They give you these little beepers (like from a pizza store) that light up when your shower is ready.

It only took a short time and mine lit up,but when I showed up I was sent away again. When I finally got my shower a little later, the sink would not work and the water from the rain shower floodedthe rest of the shower cabin (it's all on even ground).

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