Top 5 reasons to use Priceline Express Deals

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We'll let you know the top 5 reasons to use Priceline Express Deals - but first, a little about Priceline...


We've written about Priceline before - it's the uniquely pioneered e-commerce service where you can name your own price when booking your travel needs, whether it be hotels, flights, car rental, cruises or vacation packages.

Priceline lets you either name your own price by bidding on services or you can search for deals and book like you would on a 'normal' hotel booking website.


We've mentioned Priceline Express Deals in the past. You can search for a hotel in a particular location and you are offered mystery results - to keep the price low, you don't even find out the actual hotel name until after you've made your purchase. You can see the neighborhood, amenities and price of each hotel, but not the name. Sometimes it's easy to find out or guess which hotel is which, by searching hotel amenities in particular areas, but this isn't always the case.

You don't bid on Priceline Express Deals - this service is a hotel search at discount prices, at up to 60% off.


1. The search facility is easy to use and actually a little fun too; you may have seen the TV adverts with William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco - well, they have an online presence too, with William Shatner acting as Priceline's 'Negotiator' throughout the website.

2. The deals themselves can be pretty good and are certainly worth comparing with other sites. My search for a one-night stay in Denver, CO on April 27th found a hotel as cheap as $38 including parking, internet and breakfast. The highest saving for that night was 52% off, at the rate of $80. Priceline states that this rate saves you at least this amount versus the published price for a hotel in this area and at the same star level for the same travel dates. As we always say, it's best to compare results with other hotel booking sites like Google Hotel Finder before committing.

3. The Best Price Guarantee offered by Priceline also applies to Express Deals bookings and is a whopping 200%, as they offer to refund you double the difference within 24 hours if you find the rate cheaper online for the same itinerary. Now that's a decent guarantee.

4. The no bidding process with Priceline Express Deals is a big plus for many travelers - many people just want to see the rate without the extra hassle of bidding and re-bidding if the initial amount in't accepted. Plus nobody wants to pay over the odds for a hotel and this can happen with bidding on them.

5. You may be able to find out which hotels are being offered. If you are really bothered about finding out the exact hotel name before you book any Priceline Express Deals, there are sites around that help you with that task. Readers who have already booked Priceline Express Deals share their information on sites like HotelDealsRevealed to help others.

See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium! Get started for free.