Priceline Name Your Own Price – We check out the Hotel search

Posted on November 21, 2014 by in Hotel deals with Points

What is Priceline?

Priceline offers an e-commerce service that they uniquely pioneered – naming your own price in the world of travel.

With Priceline, you can book hotels, flights, car rental, cruises and vacation packages, by either searching and booking as normal or naming your own price and bidding on services.

Priceline fun fact!

Past Priceline TV advertising has featured William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco as a father-daughter duo as well as Leonard Nimoy and Theresa Caputo!

The Priceline Hotel Search

With regards hotels, the customer can search for a location and the results bring up:

– a tab of 'the most popular hotels'
– a tab for 'name your own price'
– a tab for 'express deals'

You can choose to book a hotel there and then from the most popular hotels and you're given the total price including taxes and fees at the confirmation stage.

However, the other two options – Priceline Name Your Own Price hotels and Priceline Express Deals – are there to help customers make bigger savings…

What are Priceline Express Deals?

Search for a hotel in a particular location and you are offered mystery results. You can see the neighborhood, amenities and price of each hotel, but you don't find out the actual hotel name until after you've made your purchase. Sometimes it's easy to find out which hotel is which, by searching hotel amenities in particular areas, but this isn't always the case.

What is Priceline Name Your Own Price?

Priceline Name Your Own Price is the simple but ingenious idea of the customer naming the price they are willing to pay for a travel service – in this case, a hotel room. You fill in the information needed, name the price, supply your credit card or PayPal information and Priceline tries to find you a property for that price.

Woah there. Enter my enter credit card or PayPal information? Yep – it's important to note that if Priceline accepts your offer, it charges your credit card or PayPal immediately. To utilize the Priceline Name Your Own Price service, to get those better rates, you have to commit to the sale before you've even seen the hotel you've been given (and that's if your bid has been accepted).

To Name Your Own Price, you need to:

– Choose where you want to stay – choose more than one area to increase your chances of success
– Choose the hotel star level
– Name your price (per room, per night)
– Enter your credit card or PayPal account information

What's the catch with Priceline Name Your Own Price?

It's a bit of a gamble and there's the chance that you can find the hotel cheaper elsewhere afterwards, but it can work very well for some. Customers report huge savings such as the Sheraton Manhattan Times Square for $85pn instead of $320!

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