Oneworld Lounge (Tom Bradley International Terminal, TBIT) Los Angeles Airport Review

Written and Published November 15, 2014

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Tom Bradley International Terminal has long been considered one of the worst airport terminals in the country and for good reason - rude immigration officers, grumpy customs agents, a creaking terminal building and cramped walkways duly scare most arriving passengers away.

However, things are changing - a new terminal area has just been opened and it is as beautiful as it gets! It's on par with some of the world's best terminals like at Singapore's Changi Airport. The new LED-driven art/lighting looks impressive and once you make it through (via friendly TSA agents) you are welcomed into an relaxing airport area you didn't think possible on US soil.

Oneworld has built a new lounge for Premium Cabin passengers that overlooks the new central 'plaza' area in the terminal. My flight was in First Class on Cathay Pacific but there is no separate First Class lounge, although Qantas is working on one to open soon at LAX.

The Oneworld Lounge is clearly masterminded by Qantas and reminded me of the former Qantas/BA First Class lounge at Singapore Changi. The dark wood panels, the well-thought-out colors in the skylight - it looks like an architect actually got paid for work instead of cloning the same design over and over (what United Clubs do so feverishly).

The lounge was CROWDED, though, with many Oneworld flights leaving for Australia's Sydney and Brisbane, a London-bound A380 and my Cathay flight leaving around midnight. It took me several minutes to find a seat.

The food I tried was extremely good (though the kitchen ran out of the excellent cheese lasagne just after I tried it). The red and white wines and champagne were all exceptional.

Given that there were well over 100 passengers (more like 200) waiting in the lounge, I was skeptical that the internet would work at all. But it did work, with a rather breezy 2 Mbit, nevertheless, during my stay there.

There is an 'outside' area if you can't stand the crowds, but no alcohol on the patio of course.

Overall, this is a great Business Class lounge to spend a couple of hours in. It would have been better with less crowds, but maybe the Qantas First Class Lounge will help the issue once it opens (at least for First Class passengers).

Did you know that you can access 700+ lounges worldwide with

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