Oneworld Lounge LAX Review Reduxx

Posted on March 26, 2016 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews


As part of my journey back with Air Tahiti Nui (Review) from Papeete to San Francisco I had another chance to use the Oneworld Business Class lounge at LAX. Last time I was there it had just opened.

I was on an American domestic flight and used my Qantas Gold status to enter the lounge – that was a bit confusing for the agent but she eventually let me go. Now that the International Terminal has a connector to the American Airlines (Terminal 4) you can walk over in minutes and it beats the Admirals Club easily (especially if you stay longer). My American Airlines flight would later get cancelled and I was re-booked on another flight (that would also cancel later) – the lounge staff can’t access Americans reservation system so you will need to walk back to Terminal 4 to get these things fixed with an agent.

Oneworld Lounge LAX Review

Oneworld Lounge LAX Review

This time I went in the morning hours and saw the morning and lunch service and both were underwhelming. The food did not look appealing and it wasn’t tasty either.




The sole highlight of the breakfast service was the juice maker – it was supplied with fresh carrots, apples and celery and worked effortlessly.

During the morning hours the lounge was completely empty – there are in excess of 200 seats and just 4 other people were in the lounge! The lounge staff still announced each flight 4-5 times as it would be a medical emergency. It was incredibly loud and rocks you off your seat – that’s so annoying!

Since it was morning I did not really indulge in any alcoholic offerings much though the champagne was excellent.

The showers at the lounge are simply broken – it would only produce lukewarm water – and it looked worn and old.

The Internet was fast – though given how few people could use it it wasn’t amazingly fast.

I felt the lounge is a major step down from the fantastic Star Alliance Lounge at LAX (Review) and that it needs to step up its game now that it has such formidable in-house competition.

2.5 / 5 stars