Review: Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 Business Class – Jakarta, Indonesia to Seoul, South Korea OZ762

Posted on April 24, 2014 by in Travel Deals

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Jakarta Airport is not known for its efficiency but has made great strides in the last 4 years. It's been neglected for a long time but recently improved upgrades have been installed and the old facilities are operated in a better way.

Asiana uses Terminal 2 – the default choice for international flights. It has several entrances and confusingly the screens only list flights for that particular sub-section. It's certainly not easy to find the Asiana check-in counter this way.

Once I found it, I was sent away again as there is also a Premium check-in for Business Class passengers for Asiana, Cathay, Emirates and several other airlines. It's a bit like the Lufthansa First Class Terminal but on a much more modest scale. A dedicated agent checks you in while you wait seated comfortably. I found the agents to be super-friendly (no surprise in Indonesia) but also knowledgeable.

Once your bags are tagged you are escorted to a separate immigration line. Immigration can be a zoo sometimes so this is more than marvellous. It took all but 10 seconds for me to get through. Right behind it is the JAS Premium Lounge which seemingly all non-Indonesian airlines use. There are some light snacks and soda as well as beer on tap.

The WiFi is very slow in typical Indonesian fashion but it works. The lounge was pretty crowded at 10.30PM but not annoyingly so.

Asiana uses the rather new A330 on this flight. It's a great product for a regional flight but the seats are just angled lie-flat. Since this was a night flight I was hoping for fully lie-flat (foolish of me, I know). However, the seat felt more comfortable than my flight in the 747 a couple of weeks ago. The back support was better and I actually fell asleep just after takeoff and barely woke up for breakfast.

I assume supper was served but sadly I have no recollection of it 🙁 The seat really must have been comfortable!

Breakfast service started 2 hours before landing which I felt was too early. I waited until 45 minutes from Seoul and the flight attendants had no trouble serving it then.

The yogurt tasted good and the fruit was fresh. The Korean-style beef wasn't great, unfortunately. It definitely didn't taste fresh. I didn't opt for any of the breads and they didn't look appealing anyway.

Asiana has the same modern and easy to use in-flight entertainment system that is being used on the longer routes to Seattle.

Landing was right on-time and I proceeded to immigration. The lines were long but they were managed very well so that the total wait was under 10 minutes.

I booked the trip using 22,500 United miles as a one-way. The flight was for sale for $1,200 in Business Class and $350 in Economy at the time of booking.

This was a good flight with Asiana. The flight attendants were very attentive and as friendly as usual. The food was mainly okay with some great items that made up for it. The seat was comfortable and spacious. I would have wished for a fully lie-flat for this red-eye flight but I had no issues sleeping.

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