The easiest way to earn Star Alliance Gold status?

Posted on March 24, 2014 by in Lifemiles

I'm a Star Alliance Gold thanks to Aegean Airlines generous program which allowed me to credit just 19,000 miles flown and received Star Alliance Gold for life as long as I credit some flights to them every year. Generally the easiest and cheapest way to credit miles is to fly US Airways trans-continental flights. They credit 100% to Aegean Miles & Bonus. Although US Airways is exiting Star Alliance on 3/31 this benefit may stay alive!

Now the never resting Flyertalkers have come up with another way which allows you to use Lifemiles to become Star Alliance Gold with 45 flights between Bogota and Pereira (both in Colombia). This involves 45 flights that you don't really have a need for (unless you are living there).

It will cost you about US$1,395 and the whole ordeal can be done in about 10 days of flying.

Lifemiles allows you to qualify for status with just 45 segments for Lifemiles Gold which also gives you Star Alliance Gold.

Flights between Bogota and Pereira are currently available for just $31 one-way.

They are bookable at Avianca (Peruvian site), Aviatur or a local travel agent.

The Flyertalk thread also references another flight option that would be even cheaper but I haven't found out how to get this booked. Ideas welcome!

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