Review: Courtyard Maui Kahului Airport

Posted on January 19, 2014 by in Marriott Rewards Points

A review for an airport hotel? Well the Courtyard Maui Kahului Airport deserves that price since it's easily the most expensive airport hotel I ever booked. On January 2nd the island of Maui was booked solid and I foolishly waited until a week before arrival to book a room near the airport. Room rates across the hotel hat easily doubled and the Courtyard Maui Kahului Airport showed in all major search engines with $385/night! It's a rather new hotel and a notch above the normal courtyard but not that much.

However I found a site that sold the same room for much less and applied for a claim with the Marriott BRG. The effective rate was still a pricey $171 + tax. So I was very excited what I could expect that day 🙂

I arrive rather late in the dark and from the outside the hotel looks like any suburban Courtyard. The lobby inside is spacious and very fresh. There is a typical Courtyard cafeteria and a number of lounge chairs.

Check-in was super quick with the agent confirming my rate and swiping my credit card in just under 30 seconds – just the way I like it. The room keys were pre-printed and I was on the way to my room for the next 10 hours.

The room was rather large and looked pretty new. The beds were just perfect as well. The AC was quiet and the airport noise was just barely audible. However the thunderstorms that unloaded were certainly audible.

Since it was so late night I did not even try the WiFi. I also had no chance to photograph the breakfast offerings.

In general hotels in Hawaii are a level above the offerings in most mainland locations. Most chains try to show off their best North American product. I'm not sure why – maybe it's simply the expectation of many Asian tourists who flock to Hawaii. The Courtyard Maui is a really good, simple airport hotel. Is it 'worth' ~$200 in room rates? Certainly not. But I'd be happy to come back for a layover on my way to one of Maui's beautiful beaches anytime.

4 / 5 stars