The Granary Suites Hotel Wroclaw Review

Posted on June 16, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Wroclaw is a young and vibrant Polish city with a modern city center.

It only has a few major chain hotels. Notably the Sofitel, the Best Western and the Radisson Blu. I' not a big fan of Accor and Best Western as a loyalty program and the Radisson Blu consistently priced itself around ~$300 or 42,000 Club Carlson Points.

Instead I decided to try the Granary Suites Wroclaw, an unaffiliated hotel just off the main city center. Rates were as low as $99 for this property.


I checked in early around noon and the agent had no issue assigning a room for me. However the check-in procedure was a bit awkward. First the lobby is in the basement and you will need to carry your bag down one floor. Second the agent barely acknowledge my existence. A quick 'hi, i need your ID please' followed by lots of typing, chatting with other people at the front desk and a phone call. It ended with 'here is your key to room number 9'. Not necessarily unfriendly but just not personal.

The Rooms

The rooms are excellent – they reminded me of a Grand Hyatt suite. Dar, conservative colors and high quality materials dominate. There is a huge bathroom with a modern layout. There is no shower curtain for the bathtub/shower though.

The suite is just one large room divided by a small wall. It somehow feels more luxurious than it is though.

The mattress was firm but not too much and the bedding was of high quality.

Given that the sun comes out as early as 3 AM here in summer I was happy about the black out curtains who kept out sunlight completely.


I also had lunch at the main restaurant. It's a really stylish dining hall.

I tried different items, the Thai coconut based soup (Tom Ga Kai), the duck fillet and the salmon salad. All items were of very high quality. They were well presented and cooked just about right. It's not a cheap restaurant especially by Polish standards but it's a great place to eat.


The wifi was a simple password protected network. Speeds were incredibly fast reaching 20Mbit+ in my tests. Exemplary good wifi.


The hotel is a great spot when visiting Wroclaw. It has a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Rooms are in a fantastic condition, the food is not cheap but excellent. At these rates it's quite a steal!

P.S. Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures but the iPhone 4 does not have the best camera around.