Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel Review

Posted on June 15, 2013 by in Starwood Hotels

This was my 5th stay at the hotel but the first time as a Platinum (before I stayed as a Gold). It's an amazing feet of engineering as the hotel is fringed by three runways, a freeway and a busy high-speed rail terminal. But it's so soundproof you think you are wearing your Bose noise cancelling headset all the time. All you'll hear is the AC fan.

The hotel can be reached through several walkways from the main airport hall. It's a quick walk over without venturing into Frankfurt's cold weather (hey even in late May temperatures were in the 40s and wind/rain).


Hotel Lobby

The lounge

The lounge is less a room than a buffet in a hallway. It's odd seeing people go through the hall to their room through the lounge. However it gives you access to all kinds of beverages even after hours. There are cooled Becks even at night – quite handy!

The food looked appetizing – though I did not try any of it. I was leaving my stomach empty for the upcoming FCT food bonanza.


This hotel has hands-down the most complicated way to use the Internet anywhere. To use it you will need your room number, a specific code in your key card sleeve, generate a user name and password and recite the German national anthem word by word (ok the last one is made up). If you stop using your device for some time you have to login again (I hope you wrote own that username/ password!).

Once you get it to work it's pretty fast and reliable.


I did not use the Towers lounge check-in but the front desk downstairs. The front desk agent had no idea about the 'Best Room incl. selected suites' upgrade policy for Platinums and kept arguing that they only upgrade 'one level' as a hotel policy. To have access to a suite I should have booked one. I gave up – I needed sleep more than a suite. The check-in agents always strike me as somewhat friendly but very stern.

The room

My rooms here have always been pretty large. There used to be older (not remodeled) and remodeled rooms but I'm not sure that is still true. The remodeled rooms have a modern bathroom and a work desk. Not sure if that is the soundproofing but the rooms always felt 'cozy' to me. I like them.

The mattress is a bit on the firm side but I prefer it that way. I noticed the comforters provided were really thin. Given the cold outside temperatures I found them too thin and was looking forward to my warm shower in the morning.


I really like this place – it feels like a home away from home. Frankfurt airport has this labyrinth of shops, food options, supermarkets and more. It's not as polished as many new airports but I always like to explore the new options here and keep on discovering new things. The Sheraton is a good base for this. Just don't expect great service for Platinums, this hotel caters mostly to business travelers and SPG elites are welcome but not exactly a sought after clientele.