Star Alliance Lounge London Heathrow Review

Posted on April 13, 2013 by in Travel Deals

This article is part of my trip report 'Westward bound'. The trip report index will appear below once all posts have been published.

The Star Alliance lounge in London-Heathrow is a pretty low key affair.

The rooms have little natural light and you are looking directly at the nearby opposing building. The interior is designed in the standard old Heathrow airport charm. It has the same low ceilings and the same color coding found across the airport.

Its rather big and gets pretty crowded around mid morning/ lunch time with a number of flights leaving.

It does have a decent hot/cold food offerings and a couple of drinks. The best feat for me was the very fast Internet. One of the few places on par with the United Club in SFO's International Terminal in terms of Internet speed.

I'm not sure what else one can say about the lounge – I for myself was happy to leave the rather dreary place for my flight to SFO on United.