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Date Posted Airline Class of Service Price USD Round Trip What else?
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 719YDecent airline - good fares to the Maldives. No Chinese visa required for this one (but patience!)
7 days agoBusinessUS$ 2,154YVery good fares to the Canadian East Coast.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 723YSolid fares on our favorite airline to the Middle East. Works to more cities in the region.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 275YVery cheap Oneworld fares to the US East Coast.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 253YSolid fares to Guadelajara. Non-stop.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 432YGood fares with a quality airline to Northern Europe.
7 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,372YGood Business Class deals from Turkey to most South East Asia destinations. You can't go wrong with Qatar!
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 302YThe party keeps going! Super cheap deals on many airlines to Los Angeles.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 402YGood fares on China's best airline.
7 days agoEconomyUS$ 402YSolid fares to Northern Europe.
7 days agoFirstUS$ 734YSolid first class fares from Mexico to Boston.
7 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,126YExcellent lie-flat Business Class fares to South America.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 399YNew planes. Similar prices on award winning Cathay and United.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 270YMore good deals on Delta to Hawaii.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 409YExcellent deals to Hawaii.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 324YMore good fares to Ecuador.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 220YGreat domestic sale.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 438YSo convenient - from downtown Taipei to most European cities. Good fares. New planes.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 374YSolid Norwegian flights. New planes. Friendly staff.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 529YDirect flights to Raratonga. Flight is not daily. 5 day stays work typically. Great price. Great airline.
8 days agoBusinessUS$ 663YExcellent lie-flat Business Class fares. New planes.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 88YNon-stop fares to/from Singapore.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 552YExcellent fares to South East Asia. ANA is a great airline.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 264YDirect flights on a full service carrier.
8 days agoEconomyUS$ 296YYes you still can go to Cuba legally - for now!
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 2,428YVery interesting fares to Cairo. Air Italy is Qatar Airways little brother. Milan to Cairo is in Economy - long leg from Los Angeles is in lie-flat.
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,627YExcellent, lie-flat fares to China. Lie-flat and on A380 (via CAN). China Southern is not exactly the airline of the year but it is has a solid hardware to offer. Earns AAdvantage miles.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 224Y Pretty crazy flights from Dubai to New York and return to Nairobi. It also works Dubai to New York and return to Johannesburg. Likely the return can be to any place in the KQ network in Africa (MRU/CPT,EBB etc). This may get cancelled.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 424YNew airline. Good catering. Direct flights. Great deal too. Direct flights.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 243YExcellent fares to Costa Rica.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 431YGood value flights to Florida.
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,429YThis sale is bigger than we thought. Most airports east of Phoenix are included (basically everything but the US West Coast). Many, many dates including XMas 2019. All lie-flat for transatlantic.
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,447YVery good - lie-flat fares to China.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 425YExcellent fares to Namibia on our favorite airline.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 587YGood fares to Costa Rica!
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,424YGood Oneworld Business Class sale to the US East Coast. Lie-flat.
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 2,103YGood summer fares to Moscow. Lie-flat.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 577YGood sales to Santiago. New planes.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 126YGood domestic sale. Free carry-on.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 400YAwesome fares to Hawaii!
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,183YVery good - lie-flat Business Class fares to Montreal.
9 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,322YVery good, direct, lie-flat Business Class to Mexico City. New planes.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 171YExcellent direct flights to Singapore. Nice upgrade compared to the discounters.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 370YGood fares to Saint Thomas.
9 days agoFirstUS$ 476YSolid First Class fares to Houston.
9 days agoEconomyUS$ 372YCheap, direct flights to Nanjing.
10 days agoBusinessUS$ 578YA winter wonderland in Svalbard (well beyond the Arctic circle). Get there in style.
10 days agoBusinessUS$ 1,240YGood, lie-flat fares to Dubai. Plenty of miles to earn on Delta Skymiles.
10 days agoEconomyUS$ 303YGreat escape fares to Dubai.
10 days agoEconomyUS$ 251YExcellent fares to/from Cape Verde. Not such a great airline though.