Going Viral: The Top Trending Travel Spots on TikTok for 2023

Post originally Published December 31, 2023 || Last Updated December 31, 2023

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Going Viral: The Top Trending Travel Spots on TikTok for 2023

With international travel more accessible than ever, remote islands are having a moment in the spotlight. From pristine atolls to rugged archipelagos, these far-flung destinations offer the promise of undiscovered adventures and untouched natural beauty. It's no wonder they've captured the imaginations of travelers near and far.

While island getaways have always held appeal, recent trends on TikTok have amplified interest. Short-form videos allow viewers to experience these exotic locales viscerally. Lush landscapes, crystalline waters, and swaying palm trees transport people to paradise with just a thumb scroll. And when captions implore followers to embark on a journey "off the grid," it's hard not to fantasize.

Popular accounts like @angelikOA and @saltinourhair boast millions of followers. Their transportive videos exploring islands like Bora Bora, the Maldives, and the Seychelles spark major wanderlust. Under each post, comment sections fill with declarations like, "This just went on my bucket list!" and "Take me there now!" For those with island fever, these digital glimpses offer temporary relief.

Beyond aspirational videos, many content creators also share informative tips for planning once-in-a-lifetime trips. Savvy travelers look to these gurus for inspiration on everything from when to visit to where to stay. With insider expertise, they make these exotic destinations feel more accessible. A sense of FOMO takes hold, and soon trips are booked.

Smaller, lesser-known islands are also emerging on feeds. Places likeUtila, a Honduran bay island, and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands boast scuba diving, open-aired bungalows, and far fewer tourists. For those seeking authentic local experiences, videos showing the stark beauty and slow pace entice. Even longtime tropical vacationers are straying from the usual spots.
This surge in remote island travel reflects a growing desire to disconnect. As daily lives become increasingly busy, people yearn for the chance to tune out. Trading crowded cities and pinging phones for hammocks and waves is the ultimate reset. Exploring locales where getting lost is part of the journey provides a sense of adventure lacking for many. With some sunscreen and an open mind, paradise awaits.

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Asia is a vast continent with many well-known destinations like Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok that attract hordes of visitors each year. However, savvy travelers are starting to venture off the beaten path to discover the region’s hidden gems. These under-the-radar spots are now gaining more mainstream appeal, thanks in large part to TikTok.

Short videos highlighting everything from stunning scenery to mouthwatering food are putting emerging hotspots on the map. Places like El Nido, Philippines and Luang Prabang, Laos offer glimpses into authentic local life without the crowds. Intrepid content creators are showing these towns come alive with character and culture.

Seeing first-hand videos and photos makes these once obscure destinations feel more accessible. Comments like “Whoa - I never knew this place existed!” and “This looks like a dream!” reflect how TikTok is exposing people to new possibilities. Instead of defaulting to major cities, travelers feel empowered to branch out.
User @wanderwithlizrose said TikTok inspired her to visit Busan, South Korea’s second largest city. She was wowed by lively markets, striking temples and scenic coastal hikes. Without the app, she may never have discovered this underrated gem.

The platform is also highlighting Asia’s natural wonders. Videos exploring places like Laos’ otherworldly blue terraced rice paddies and Malaysia’s lush jungles are capturing attention. These stunning backdrops alone are enough to inspire trips.

Even seasoned Asia travelers are using TikTok tips to plan more off-the-radar adventures. User @sorelleamorella said the app guided her to places like Penang, Malaysia brimming with “hidden alley street art, epic eats and indie boutiques.” She appreciated experiencing local flavor instead of just tourist hot spots.
While increased attention has some concerned these spots may lose their charm, many still offer an authentic escape. User @swirlandsip described her visit to Hampi, India as “like stepping back in time” thanks to its tranquil setting and ruins steeped in history.

Cobblestone streets. Flower boxes in every window. Cafes spilling out onto ancient squares. The romantic charm of small European towns has always held allure for travelers seeking an authentic local experience away from chaotic big cities. But lately, these charming destinations are experiencing a major moment thanks to TikTok.

Short videos exploring overlooked gems like Amalfi Coast's Positano and Austria's Hallstatt are igniting serious wanderlust. Brimming with old world beauty and Mediterranean vibes, it's easy to see why. Comments like "This looks straight out of a fairytale!" and "I'm obsessed, I need to go here!" reflect rising intrigue.

While renowned cities like Paris and London will always draw crowds, content creators are embracing destinations where local culture shines. Videos offer glimpses into places like Slovenia's Piran and Spain's Tossa de Mar. Beyond churches and castles, you see locals going about daily routines unchanged for generations. bakeries, fruit stands and fisherman coming in with the daily catch. This window into real life feels special.
Seeing just how much character and charm these towns have is changing perceptions. No longer seen as sleepy or boring, their beauty and tradition has new appeal. As user @thetravelmamas wrote, "I used to only want to visit big cities but TikTok showed me how much small towns have to offer!"

The platform is also spotlighting underrated attractions to seek out once you arrive. Videos explore Coimbra, Portugal’s dreamy university courtyards, Verona, Italy’s Juliet balcony that draws lovers from around the world and Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic's fairytale-esque castle. With insider tips, travelers can better experience what makes each destination distinct.
Even millennials and Gen Z-ers initially resistant to these slower-paced spots are coming around. The platform's fun, youthful vibe gives them new perspective. User @wheresnicoletravels confessed, "I thought small towns would be boring but after seeing videos, I'm obsessed! The food, scenery and culture looks awesome."

While tourism revivals have some concerned over crowds, many spots still offer off-the-radar escapism. As user @overseaswithmae said, visiting Dunster, England showed her that "quaint English villages are still just as charming and peaceful as you imagine." Unique finds like truffle shops, hedge mazes and ruins add to the allure.

America's national parks have long attracted nature lovers seeking majestic mountain views, towering forests, and expansive canyon landscapes. But over the past few years, these treasured spaces have reached new popularity heights. Videos exploring parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Great Smoky Mountains are igniting fresh enthusiasm, even among non-outdoorsy types.

Seeing the parks come alive on TikTok has changed perceptions. No longer seen as boring or remote, their beauty and grandeur ignites wanderlust even among the most stubborn homebodies. User @citygirlgonecountry said watching geysers erupt in Yellowstone and seeing magical light shows in Yosemite “gave me serious FOMO!” She’d never considered visiting national parks until the videos made her rethink nature.

While diehard hikers and campers know the magic firsthand, many are discovering the parks for the first time thanks to TikTok. User @noregretsjustlove said “watching TikTok videos was the push my family needed to finally plan a trip to Yellowstone after talking about it for years.” Seeing wildlife encounters and geothermal oddities convinced them not to wait any longer.
Beyond highlighting classic parks, TikTok is also showcasing lesser-known options for more isolated escapes. Videos exploring spots like North Cascades in Washington and Congaree in South Carolina spark intrigue about these under-the-radar gems. Their lush old growth forests and rippling waterfalls hold serious natural wonder. Even longtime park lovers are scoping out new destinations after seeing their splendor on TikTok.

The platform is also spotlighting hidden attractions to discover once you arrive. Videos offer tips for finding striking petroglyphs in Utah’s Canyonlands, catching the radiant “green flash” sunset in Acadia, and spotting wild horses along the Outer Banks’ coastline. This insider intel helps travelers better experience each park’s magic.
Some worry the renewed interest may mean overcrowding and damage to fragile ecosystems. But many also see it as a chance to educate new audiences on conservation and inspire the next generation of park stewards. As user @escape_the_city_life commented, “I visited Joshua Tree for the first time after being inspired by TikTok. Seeing its beauty in person made me want to protect parks instead of just posting pretty pictures.”

Once the domain of hardcore foodies willing to try anything, obscure edibles are entering the mainstream thanks to social media. Offbeat eats like balut (duck eggs), century eggs, and Norway's rakfisk (fermented trout) were once only for the daring. But videos exploring these eyebrow-raising foods are sparking curiosity even among picky eaters.

On TikTok and Instagram, you'll find average joes like @callmejosephine and @mr.epicurious gobbling down pungent durian, guacamole made with grasshoppers, and even roasted cockroaches seasoned with lime and salt. Their daring videos get millions of views, with comment sections full of shocked emoji faces. But many admit feeling tempted to expand their palates after seeing these extreme foods up close.

While accounts like @nakedwithoutfood initially focused on mainstream viral recipes, they've branched out into more unconventional fare as viewer interest grew. Posts sampling dried cuttlefish and picante de chapulines (a chili chapuline grasshopper snack) now appear alongside trendy brunch bowls. Showcasing both the familiar and bizarre keeps followers engaged.
Beyond shock value, social media is also showcasing how these foods reflect local cultures. After watching @holatravel's video exploring roasted guinea pigs at an Ecuadorian market, one commenter wrote "I had no idea they eat guinea pigs there - so cool to see authentic food traditions!" Learning context makes obscure edibles less freaky.

Travel accounts also showcase how locals integrate these ingredients into everyday meals. @devourearth films an Indonesian street vendor whipping up martabak, a savory pancake filled with meat, egg, and pungent terasi shrimp paste. The end result actually looks quite tempting instead of terrifying.

While many obscure edibles seem challenging, social media is making them feel more approachable. Creators offer tips like drowning pungent durian in sweet coconut milk or starting with crispy seasoned grasshoppers instead of a whole bug. Baby steps!

Seeing others courageously try new foods also lessens fear of missing out. One TikTok user confessed "I used to think I'd never eat anything weird but now I really want to try stinky tofu after seeing so many videos!" The FOMO is real.

From the world's largest ball of twine to a UFO welcome center, America is filled with delightfully odd roadside attractions. While these unapologetically kitschy spots have always drawn travelers looking to break up long road trips, TikTok is shining an even brighter spotlight.

Videos exploring these wonderfully weird pit stops are resonating, with some gaining millions of views. Seeing someone pose with the giant lumberjack of Nisswa, Minnesota or try to solve the mystery of Carhenge in Nebraska is good, quirky fun. It allows viewers to experience the joy and curiosity of uncovering these hidden gems without even leaving home.

Popular TikTokker @wheresnicoletravels has made a name for herself by stopping at every oddball attraction she can find, from North Dakota's Enchanted Highway lined with scrap metal sculptures to Ohio's ventriloquist dummy museum. Her clips climbing inside Paul Bunyan statues and snapping selfies with the World's Largest Six-Pack of Beer exude playful spirit. Fans live vicariously through her celebration of all things delightfully different.
But it's not just the attractions themselves garnering interest - it's the stories behind them. Videos explain how the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma came to be and why Lucy the Elephant has stood watch over the New Jersey shore for over 138 years. Learning these spots' origin stories adds meaning.
Seeing that so many are still family-run also tugs heart strings. Like Iowa's iconic Burlingtion Grotto, a religious folk art site hand-built from petrified wood and quartz crystals. Or Ohio's warmly welcoming Jungle Jim's International Market, which grew from a roadside fruit stand into the world’s largest grocery store. Supporting these enduring hidden gems takes on new appeal.

Once decaying relics of the past, forgotten ruins around the world are undergoing tourism revivals thanks to growing interest in ancient history and offbeat destinations. From crumbling Mexican haciendas to overgrown Angkor Wat temples, these sites offer a window into bygone civilizations that captures the imagination.

While renowned attractions like Machu Picchu will always draw crowds, avid travelers are also venturing to less discovered ruins and archaeological sites. Videos exploring places like Chichen Itza and Coba in the Yucatan's interior jungle backcountry spark intrigue about these silent stone structures. Beyond just snapping selfies, many take time to reflect on the legacy of those who came before while walking hallowed ground.
User @world_wanderess described being brought to tears when visiting the ancient Roman city of Volubilis in rural Morocco, far from crowds but rich in history. Its striking mosaics and marble ruins made her feel unexpectedly emotional over its forgotten majesty. She appreciated learning about the Berber and Arab cultures that once called it home.

Off the typical tourist trail, spots like Guatemala’s El Mirador boast epic temple pyramids nearly reclaimed by the jungle. Trekking deep into the Mayan heartland brings a sense of adventure. While some sites remain remote, improved access is part of the tourism revival occurring.

New tours make lesser-visited gems more approachable, like Greece’s Palace of Nestor, a well-preserved Bronze Age palace in sandy Pylos. Companies like Adventure Treks out of Cusco, Peru spotlight Inca trails and sites beyond just Machu Picchu. Seeing videos exploring these sites offers inspiration for intrepid travelers eager to venture beyond museums and onto ancient ground.

Even those who experienced famous sites decades ago are revisiting to explore what’s been unearthed or restored since. User @bonvoyageurs said ongoing excavations at Ephesus, Turkey made it feel like an entirely new experience, with researchers discovering new structures and artifacts daily. Modern technology like LIDAR surveys is also revealing what lies beneath jungle landscapes, sparking research revivals.

Beyond trending on social media, once virtually unknown destinations are also entering the spotlight thanks to growing interest in responsible, off-the-beaten-path travel. Seeking undiscovered places not overrun with tourists, many travelers are straying from famous sights and exploring locales far from the guidebooks. Videos capturing the stark beauty of these remote spots are igniting serious wanderlust.

Popular travel TikToker @goatsontheroad recently spotlighted rural areas of Eastern Europe like Albania’s Accursed Mountains and Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Kravice Falls. Trekking on dusty village paths and meeting welcoming locals, their clips showcase rich culture beyond capital cities. One commenter wrote “I never realized these places existed - adding them to my list!” Seeing untouched beauty inspires plans.

User @conflicttourism focuses on geopolitical hotspots like Western Sahara and Abkhazia, highlighting daily life in these disputed regions few even realize exist. Despite challenging politics, his clips capture rugged landscapes devoid of masses of tourists. For the adventurous, it’s an eye-opening look into overlooked corners of the world.

Even longtime globetrotters are straying from familiar paths after watching these videos. User @jenwanders wrote “I used to only visit major cities but after seeing Romania’s remote villages and sprawling Transfăgărășan Highway on TikTok, I'm planning a road trip to see the real Romania."

Platforms like YouTube and Lonely Planet have also shared guides to off-the-radar places like Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, spotlighting shipwrecks, salt pans and roaming wildlife. Once solely the domain of intrepid safari-goers, these dramatic landscapes now captivate armchair travelers. Seeing their untamed beauty firsthand makes once unthinkable trips feel within reach.

While increased attention is a double-edged sword, spotlightingworthy locales still overlooked educates travelers. Guyana, one of South America’s least visited countries, boasts thundering 354-foot Kaieteur Falls five times higher than Niagara. Learning about such wonders pushes people outside their comfort zone.

Obscure destinations also enter the spotlight when travel writers visit. Joe Yogerst, writing for Travel & Leisure, reflected on the stark beauty of Mongolia’s icy Lake Khövsgöl, so pristine you can drink straight from its waters. Bringing little-known places alive through evocative storytelling allows readers to feel transported.

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