How to use Mighty Travels Premium Test Tools

Written and Published November 29, 2020

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals around the world Mighty Travels Premium has you covered! Stay updated with the latest in flight and hotel deals every day. Mighty Travels Premium offers an online search for more than 127,000 hotels and more than 450,000 fares. You can also get one month of free access to Mighty Travels Premium. Start traveling the way you always dreamed of with a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium.

How to use Mighty Travels Premium Test Tools

How to use Mighty Travels Premium Test Tools

The subscription to Mighty Travels Premium is a great resource for anyone who loves to travel, whether you are a frequent flyer or a casual tourist. Any destination you have in mind we have the best option for you. Don’t miss out on the best prices on the market and subscribe now. After subscribing you will be taken to a user-friendly dashboard. Here you can find anything you need to make your dream vacation come true!

After you subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium you will get access to some very useful test tools that can help you make sure everything is in order!

How to use Mighty Travels Premium Test Tools

Discover your Zone

If you are unsure what your zone is Mighty Travels Premium has a simple tool that can help you discover your zone! You can input your Airport IATA, also known as a station code or as a location identifier. IATA is a three-letter geocode that designates an airport. If you do not know the airport IATA code, you can simply input just the airports' name to discover your zone! Another option is entering the city where the airport is located and Mighty Travels Premium will discover your zone for you.

Look up Airlines Fleet

To look up the fleet of an airline you can input the three-letter IATA code of the airline or simply input the name of the airline you wish to look up. Looking up the fleet of a particular airline can provide you with some valuable information like what aircraft types they use, seat pitch, seat type, availability of Wi-Fi, and more. You can even find out if there is Laptop power!

Test your E-mail

If you ever suspect delivery issues you can test out your e-mail! Simply input your e-mail and select ‘send test e-mail’. This way you can find out if you are not receiving your e-mails because of some typing error and fix it easily!

Test your Phone

This will send a test message directly to your phone if you suspect you are not receiving your notifications! All you have to do is input your phone number and select ‘Send Test SMS’.

To set up the service and find mistake fares and best airfare and hotel deals, you’ll need to go to Mighty Travels Premium and click Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial. After that, you can subscribe for $7.99 per month, or if you choose our yearly subscription – only $4.81 per month