Interesting Finnair Buy Points Promotion

Written and Published November 6, 2020

In order to drive up interest in travel again, some of the biggest airlines and hotel chains have been putting out interesting promotions and sales for their customers. Major airlines have also introduced some changes to their loyalty programs making it easier for passengers to earn and retain their elite status. We saw American Airlines lowering elite status requirements and a status match campaign from Delta Airlines. Now, Finnair announced a very lucrative buy points promotion!

Interesting Finnair Buy Points Promotion

Finnair Buy Points with a 100% Bonus

Finnair announced one of their best buy points promotions and since the airline is part of the oneworld alliance this offer may be of especially interesting to oneworld passengers. During this promotion when you buy Finnair Plus points you can receive up to 100% bonus points and 25% bonus tier points.

From the official website:
Special offer – Up to 100% Bonus Award points AND 25% Bonus Tier points. Hurry – if you buy points between 3rd and 16th November you will receive up to a 100% bonus on all award points. In addition to this exclusive offer, you will be rewarded with 25% bonus tier points on the total transaction amount.

Interesting Finnair Buy Points Promotion

If you buy 300,000 Finnair Plus points you will get 75,000 tier points! The 75,000 Tier Points will automatically give you Finnair Plus Silver Status which provides oneworld Ruby status. Finnair Gold, which provides you oneworld Sapphire, requires 80,000 tier points and Finnair Platinum, which provides you oneworld Emerald, requires 150,000 tier points. The price of a Finnair Plus point during this offer is 0.75 cents each. This is definitely a very interesting promotion from Finnair and worth checking out!

During this promotion the bonus on purchased points will be tiered based on how many you buy:

-5,000-49,000 points, get 60% bonus points

-50,000-99,000 points, get 80% bonus points

-100,000-150,000 points, get 100% bonus points

Details of the promotion:

-This promotion will be available through November 16, 2020

-The bonus is available only if you purchase 5,000 Finnair Plus points or more

-During the promotion, Finnair Plus Members can purchase or receive a maximum of 150,000 Points

-You can purchase your points and see all the details here!