American Airlines Lowering Elite Status Requirements

Written and Published October 16, 2020

In order to drive up interest in travel again, some of the biggest airlines and hotel chains have been putting out interesting promotions and sales for their customers. Major airlines have also introduced some changes to their loyalty programs making it easier for passengers to earn and retain their elite status. American Airlines just announced some good changes to its loyalty program!

American Airlines Lowering Elite Status Requirements

American Airlines Lowering Elite Status Requirements

American Airlines announced some positive changes for its AAdvantage loyalty program. The AAdvantage elite status requirements will be lowered for 2021. Not only is American cutting some status requirements, but they are also giving all members a head start on earning elite status for 2021. AAdvantage members will be qualifying with fewer Elite Qualifying Miles or EQMs, and Elite Qualifying Dollars or EQDs, than previously. Also, all EQMs and EQDs earned from flight activity in the fourth quarter of 2020 will be rolled over to 2021.

From the official website:
AAdvantage members are among our most loyal customers, and we want you to know how much we value your choice to fly with us. We're excited to announce updates to our 2021 elite program designed to give you new rewards and more flexibility.

American Airlines Lowering Elite Status Requirements

The AAdvantage program updates include:

Adjusting elite qualification requirements – In 2021 members will be able to qualify for elite status with adjusted Elite Qualifying Dollar, Elite Qualifying Mile, and Elite Qualifying Segment requirements. Elite status qualification for 2021 will be:

Gold – 20,000 EQMs, 20 EQSs, $2,000 EQDs
Platinum – 40,000 EQMs, 45 EQSs, $4,500 EQDs
Platinum Pro – 60,000 EQMs, 70 EQSs, $7,000 EQDs
Executive Platinum – 80,000 EQMs, 95 EQSs, $12,000 EQDs

Head start on elite qualification for 2021 - All base EQMs, EQSs, and EQDs earned based on flights taken between October 1 and December 31, 2020, will also count toward your 2021 requirements. They will automatically be rolled over after January 1, 2021

Waiving the EQD requirement for select elite levels – American Airlines will waive the EQD requirement if you spend $30,000 on net purchases with an eligible AAdvantage credit card. This will count only towards the requirement to qualify for Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Pro status

You can see all the updates and details here!