Central America Reopening For International Flights

Written and Published August 11, 2020

Following the news and updates around the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines were forced to suspend or reduce their daily operations, and countries were forced to introduce travel restrictions. With the pandemic slowing down around the world, many countries have started to ease border restrictions and reopen for international tourists.

Central America Reopening For International Flights

Central America Reopening For International Flights

After five months of travel restrictions, airports in Central and Latin America will slowly open their doors to domestic and international flights.


Colombia closed its borders to foreign passengers in March. It is rumored that international passenger flights are expected after August 31, 2020. We will probably see an official announcement in the coming weeks regarding international flights.

Central America Reopening For International Flights

Costa Rica

Costa Rica reopened its borders for tourism on August 1, 2020, allowing tourists from low-risk countries. Passengers from the European Union, Canada, and the UK will be allowed to travel to Costa Rica.

Entry Requirements:

  • Having taken the PCR diagnostic test and obtained a negative result within 48 hours of travel to Costa Rica

  • Have mandatory travel insurance, covering lodging in the event of being quarantined and medical expenses due to acute illness

  • Fill out the epidemiological digital form

  • Upon landing in Costa Rica all passengers must wear face protection and comply with the protocols of the air terminal

  • Passengers who do not comply with these requirements will not be allowed to board the flight

Central America Reopening For International Flights


Belize announced that they will officially reopen the Philip Golson Airport for international travel on August 15, 2020. Unfortunately, the prime minister of Belize announced that the reopening would be delayed. No new date has been set, but September 3rd is the earliest possible new date.

Entry Requirements:

  • Travelers must book flights and hotel

  • Belize Health app must be downloaded and passengers should complete all required information on the app

  • Passengers are encouraged to take a COVID PCR test within 72 hours of travel for a fast track at the airport

  • Passengers who do not bring a negative test will be tested at the airport at a cost to the traveler, and those who test positive will face a 14-day quarantine. Also, passengers who test negative will be allowed instant access to Belize as long as they are not showing symptoms of Covid-19

Central America Reopening For International Flights


Brazil has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals except certain visa holders. Citizens, residents, government employees, and their family members, immediate family members of citizens, diplomats, travelers with authorization from the government, travelers with a National Migration Registry, or travelers in transit who do not leave the international area of the airport are exempt from the restrictions.

Foreigners of any nationality can enter Brazil if they have a temporary visa for one of the following purposes:

  • Research, teaching or academic extension;

  • Study

  • Work

  • Making an investment

  • Family reunion

  • Artistic or sports activities with a fixed-term contract

Central America Reopening For International Flights


Honduras officially announced that domestic commercial flights will resume on August 10 and international flights will resume on August 17. Also, all international airports are expected to open on August 17, 2020.

Central America Reopening For International Flights