What are Hotel Mistake Rates or how to stay in a luxurious 5 Star hotel for under $50

Posted on June 10, 2019 by in Mighty Travels Premium

Wouldn’t you like to stay in a luxurious 4/5 Star property without paying plenty of money for it? That’s how I travel – and now you can do the same with Mighty Travels Premium.

What are Hotel Mistake Rates?

Over the last few years Mighty Travels Premium has built a system to track changes in millions of airfares and hotel rates at a moments notice. Mistake fares and Hotel Mistake rates happen when a rate is lower (or sometimes higher) than what a property wants to charge. We have built a technology hat screens prices at rate of hundreds of thousand per hour.

Hotel Mistake Rates may or may not be honored – allow at least two weeks to find out of a hotel is willing to honor the rate booked before making other plans.

Hotel mistake rates are unpredictable in its nature. I have had the pleasure of fascinating stays thanks to generous hoteliers honoring a ‘hotel mistake rate’.

Five Star Hotels for every night

For more than a decade I have been a ‘Digital Nomad’. The word ‘Digital Nomad’ may conjure images of cheap hostel, long beards and not so clean places to stay. I have done that in my twenties and wanted something else.

What if you could stay in a luxurious four/ five star property every single night and pay under $50 for each night? Also you want a number of interesting cities and good locations. Sure you could get a few free nights with credit cards but if you need 180+ nights credit cards are not much help.

How can I get stays under $50 in a five star hotel?

Four/ Five star hotels have invested plenty in their property and provide full service amenities with luxurious beds, pools, 24 hour food service and a gym. They also have staff that makes you feel welcome and has plenty of time to take care of your (eccentric) wishes.

Generally speaking there there are two ways we can get such rates a) low demand and b) hotel mistake rates.

Stay forever, forever?

This brings as to low demand (often mixed with small mistake rates) that open up many more places to stay. Low demand can come from a number of factors like seasonality, weather, low bookings or location of the hotel (and it’s management).

We filter out most non-chain hotels and just keep the best apples of non-chain hotels. Parts of the Middle East have a distinct seasonality but even in April (the shoulder season) we can get you a classy dig for under $50.

When can I book these rates?

Yes you have to be a bit flexible but most hotels you can book up to 12 months out. In fact we recommend to book a least two weeks before arrival.

Are these rates legit?

Of course! We recommend to book on the hotel (chain) website or through a trusted OTA like Expedia or Travelocity.

Give me some examples please!

We currently feature 400 distinct properties. Here are some examples with room rates under $50.

– Graffit Gallery Design Hotel (Varna)
– Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai
– Fairfield by Marriott Bali Legian
– Le Méridien Fairway Dubai
– Palm Plaza Marrakesh
– Hilton Jaipur

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