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Do you love to travel? Do you spend hours finding deals on buggy websites? Tired of missing out on the best deals because they disappear so quickly?

No more! With Mighty Travels Premium you get unmatched access to the world’s best airfares and mistake fares.

Our subscribers save $190 on average for any deal they buy - often savings are several thousand dollars per ticket!

Nobody else provides a service like this.

You can travel on fares that are a fraction of what your neighbor paid! We monitor Economy/ Premium Economy/ Business and First Class deals for you for the world’s 3,000+ major airports- 24×7, 365 days a year.

Are you still paying for ‘ANOTHER deal service’ that gives you a few emails per week (with most deals 'lifted' from Internet forums) for your hard-earned dollars? We use machine learning and human intelligence to find all the deals.

With the Mighty Travels Deals dashboard, you can see all the airfare deals for a whole continent in two seconds - including fares from Tokyo, Cape Town, Nairobi, Bangkok, New York and Los Angeles. Try that with a 'major travel search engine'! .

We analyze 450,000 new fares every day

and find the best deals with our 365-day analysis for you. We divided the world into 11 departure regions that you can choose from and you can expect about 200-300 new deals (per departure region) every day in your inbox and curated alerts to your phone or email (see what we have posted lately).

It’s so good that several airlines have started using our service to screen the competition.

Get started with the original travel deals service (since 2014).

How does it work?

Once subscribed you get access to the Mighty Travels Premium (MTP) Dashboard.

- Search by Cabin Class for Economy/ Business/ Premium Economy/ First Class

- use 11 departure region / any country / city and airports

- use as many nearby airports as you like (you can set a radius as well)

- detailed earnings chart for 115 frequent flyer programs

- detailed change fees and if you can cancel a fare for a full refund

- detailed baggage fees including carry-on

- sort by Skytrax rankings and expert user ranking

- sort by Airline Alliance | filter out low-cost carriers

- access to in-depth travel guides that tell you how it really feels

- access to in-depth airline reviews & detailed fleet information

- detailed analysis if you should redeem miles or buy a fare (coming soon)

- buying guide that shows the best deals we have ever seen on this route

Research the best deals for yourself and your friends.

'Set and forget' Notifications

- simply set airports or a zone you'd like alerts for and they will come in every day via email/ SMS

- set a destination filter for airports you'd like to go to (coming soon)

- get daily notifications for any of the saved searches (using any of above search filters) you set

- get mistake fares (and urgent deals) via SMS/ Text

Happy Clients

Sean (Miami, FL) "The deal you found turned out to be amazing! LOT Polish Airlines operated brand new 787 Dreamliners … this was a serious coup. Thanks!"

Derek (Bangkok, Thailand) "It is the best $7.99/month I have ever spent. It pays for itself hundreds of times over!"

Nick (New York, NY) "I love your site – I wish I could book every deal you sent me – but even retired people need to work sometimes."

Choose your service

All subscriptions come with a 30 days FREE TRIAL. You won't be charged for the first month.

$29 / year $7.99 / month
The best Economy Class fares updated daily for your airport
The best Premium Economy/ Business/ First Class deals updated daily for your airport
Unpublished Economy Class deals from anywhere (usually 4,000 new deals every day)
Unpublished Premium Cabin Class deals from anywhere (usually 1,000 new deals every day)
Curated Deals from our Fare Analysis Team (see what we have posted lately) (Economy Deals only)
Access to Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard
$29 / year $7.99 / month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a free trial?

Yes - you won't be charged for the first month - you will have a 30 days free trial. After that simply email to premium - at - mightytravels.com to cancel.

Of course, you can also cancel the membership at any time before your monthly renewal time.

Q: Do you really have deals anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have data for 3,000+ commercial airports – updated several times a day.

Q: Can I get alerts to more than one phone number?

No – only one number per subscription.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Please email us to premium at mightytravels dot com to cancel.

Q: Can I get texts to international phone numbers?

We send alerts to more than 100 countries at no extra charge. For non-US numbers please specify your country code in the sign-up field e.g. +6582424242. For US numbers please use this setup with a leading 1 without a plus sign i.e. 12135559800.

Mighty Travels Premium API

Yes we offer an API service. Send us an email to api at mightytravels dot com to learn more.