Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Lounge Review

Posted on April 7, 2019 by in Airline Reviews

Hong Kong Airlines runs two lounges one smallish at Gate 23 (Club Bauhinia) and a rather big lounge at the satellite terminal at Hong Kong Airport. The 200+ numbered gates are a train ride away from the rest of the airport (and the Hong Kong Airport train). I found it a surprisingly long set of train rides and walking from immigration to the lounge.

The lounge itself seemed at capacity around 10 AM local time. In fact every single station had a line and I had a hard time finding a seat. The WiFi had issues coping with the sheer number of guests and so did the kitchen staff.

Eventually I found a good seat and helped myself to some shrimp dumplings. In general I found the catering to be rather disappointing – but this might be due to my rather eclectic breakfast choices.

I did not get more than 20 minutes at the lounge and found it to be rather uninspiring – in fact it was much more hectic than the general terminal area. The food served did not really inspire me and it wasn’t time to drink yet.

In summary these two lounges cover the basics of an airport lounge but do not make a reason to arrive at the airport any earlier.