Mighty Travels Premium – A Glossary of Terms

Posted on December 30, 2018 by in Mighty Travels Premium

What is CPM?

CPM means Cents per Mile flown and is an expression on how cheap a ticket is based on how many miles you will travel. Airlines typically want to achieve at least a CPM of 10 on average. Many routes will be priced at 10-20 CPM in Economy. Business Class fares are typically priced around  30-40 CPM. Airlines usually have a cost level of 4-5 CPM for their whole operation (including fuel, staff, marketing etc).

As an example a CPM of 10 is equivalent of a trip of 500 miles that will be priced at $50 (plus taxes and fees) by an airline on average (one-way). A trip of 5,000 miles (one-way) would be priced as $500 one-way or $1,000 return.

We filter out deals in Economy above a CPM of 7 or 28 in Business Class.

Typically as lower a CPM is as better it is for you as a consumer. As higher a CPM as better it is for an airline.

What is a Deal Score?

Deal Score (1-7) is a measure that rates a deal based on airline flown, destination, cabin class of service and price. Generally as higher a score as better the deal. Anything above 6 is something that you should take a look at.

What are Curated Alerts?

Curated Alerts are sent out every day by our fare analysts. They typically highlight new, exceptional deals for each departure zone. Deals are sent to your email directly, and if urgent, to the number in your profile as an SMS/Text.

What is Skytrax?

Skytrax is a airline ratings system that is based on customer feedback. In theory it is representative of passengers’ opinions that have flown and airline and scored it on a number of points. It is not perfect, but airlines that score a 4 or 5 Star rating with Skytrax generally care about passengers and have modern equipment and decent catering.

What are Low Cost Carriers (LCCs)?

Low Cost Carriers rely heavily on fee based revenue for their bottom line. Low Cost (or Ultra Low Cost) carriers typically operate short-haul, narrow-body planes and profit from short turnaround times and minimal service. On the upside their fares are often LOW as well. They generally charge extra (often quite high) fees for food and checked bags. Many have also started to charge for carry-on bags and boarding pass prints etc.

What does Works One-Way/ Vice Versa mean?

For each deal we display you will see an indication if it works One-Way/ Vice Versa. If the answer is No you must complete the ticket in the order and direction shown for the price to be valid.

If it indicates YES you can typically fly one-way for just 50% of the price or switch around origin and destination at no extra cost.

What is the best Booking Link?

Most of our deals will price at several booking sites while some are highly dependent on a specific site. Our recommendation is to use your favorite site first, and if you do not find the price we indicated, try the other direct links we provide.

Please email us at premium -at- mightytravels.com at any time if you have trouble finding a fare.

What is a Refund?

A refund means you can cancel your purchase and will be able to get a (full) refund to your form of payment.

We indicate if a ticket can be refunded and what fee will be required to get a full refund.

What is a Change Fee?

A change fee typically covers a change of dates for your outbound or inbound. Note that most tickets are valid just one year from the date of purchase (this can not be extended by changing dates).

What does Outbound/ Inbound mean?

Outbound is the itinerary/date of departure leaving from the airport of origin. Inbound is the itinerary/ date of the trip returning to your airport of origin.

Is Mighty Travels a Travel Agent?

No we are not.