Mighty Travels Premium – How many miles will I earn for my flight (oh and what’s a Fare Class anyway)?

Posted on June 4, 2018 by in Travel Deals

Rule of Thumb – How many miles will my flight earn?

The amount of miles earned is often a decisiveargument when booking a Premium Cabin flight. While many airlines (but not all!) have restricted earning on their discounted Economy tickets the earning rates for Premium Economy/ Business and First Class have largely stayed intact.

As a rule of thumb you typically earn:

– generally expect 25% for a discounted Economy ticket (a good number of airlines will not credit you any miles at all, some will give you 50% or 100%)
– most Premium Economy ticket earn 100%
– 125%-200% for a Business Class Ticket
– 150% – 300% for a First Class Ticket

How to find a fare class and how many miles will I earn exactly?

However before we spend serious dollar let’s find out for sure.

Mileage earning is based on the fare class flown. The fare class is what an airline files a ticket with in a GDS (most LCCs have no fare classes).

The idea of a fare class is to divide up the plane (i.e. 300+ seats in a 777) and sell each set of seats (fare class) for a different price. Each fare class comes with a different set of rules like cancellation, upgrades and also mileage earning. Generally as more flexible you want to be and as more miles you want to earn as more you have to pay. However there is no ‘logical relation’ beyond that. Business Class tickets for instance can cost $2,000 Round Trip but a refundable one for the exact same flights and seats (you can get a credit back to your form of payment at any time without any penalty) can cost $10,000 or more!

Let’s start with the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard – you should be familiar with this.

I followed the booking link to Kayak from Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard.

From Kayak I followed the link to Vayama.

And on the Vayama booking page I opened Ticket conditions and I’m looking for a 6 letter code. For us only the first letter is of importance.

Alternatively we can also use Expedia/ Orbitz/ Hotwire (they all use the same backend software) and look up the fare class this way.

Unfortunately some sites don’t show the booking class before booking and you have to find out after booking (it usually shows on your receipt) and take advantage of the 24h free cancellation many sites offer. (not all sites do it the same way!)

So in our example the booking class is I – what does that tell us?

to find out what earning potential a ticket class has we use the airline name and ticket class and search at wheretocredit.com

This site is a great tool but note that some information is outdated and not all partners are listed for each airline.

Here is the result for our deal.

In our example Air France Flying Blue looks like a great program and it would earn 150% for the Booking Class flown.

In the Mighty Travels Dashboard we give you an indication how many miles are to be flown – but you may want to know exactly how many miles are being flown.

Head to GCMap and type in the airport codes in the right order and the above results will appear.

After completing all flights we should see 22,114 Flying Blue status earning miles in your account.

If you have forgotten to provide your frequent flyer number – do not worry. However make sure you take a copy of each boarding pass (iPhone snaps are good enough) and send them together with your eTicket receipt to Flying Blue. Flying Blue also has an online system to apply for ‘Retro Credit’ though it wasn’t available for a few weeks now.

Does that sound too complicated? Airlines aren’t very upfront about this information and Online Ticket Agents (OTAs) aren’t either.

Mighty Travels Premium provides the indicators for how many miles flown and the indicators of how good a deal it is based on Cents per Mile (CPM). Our booking links also make it easy to discover the fare class and earning of each deal.