Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Competition Program Terms

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Under the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program, every natural person who has signed up for the referral program here (the ‘Referrer’) is invited to earn Referral Bonuses by inviting Referees (as described below) to make use of Mighty Travels’ services. The following Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program Terms apply to the Referrer and Referees (together referred to as the ‘Participants’) participating in the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program.

Mighty Travels may suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program Terms at any time and for any reason.

Information About the Referee:

By participating in the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program, the Referee acknowledges that Mighty Travels may, at its sole discretion, share the Referee’s first name and status of the Eligible Reservation in the Referrer’s user account setting to inform the Referrer about the status of the earned Referral Bonus.

1. Eligibility

A participant, meaning a Referrer or a Referee, must be 18 years of age or older and must be a natural person.

2. Referral Bonus

A Referral Bonus can be earned as follows:

The Referrer shares the referral link as provided on the Mighty Travels website (the ‘Referral Link’).

A person receiving the link (the ‘Referee’), creates an eligible sign-up (with a Free Email Subscription or Paid Subscription) through the Mighty Travels website by clicking on the Referral Link and then either account is validated by Mighty Media LLC.

The Referrer and Referee must, at all times, be different people.

Each validated ‘free email subscription’ earns one point. Each validated ‘paid email subscription’ earns 10 points.

Refer a Friend Competition

The current bonus promotion (‘Go 2018’) awards free flights to the first two most successful participants and AA credit to the third winner in the Refer a Friend program. The bonuses are outlined here:

The bonus promotion ‘Go 2018’ runs from March 22nd – June 22nd 2018 inclusive. Mighty Travels will evaluate all validated subscriptions up to 8 weeks after the end date May 20th and will select the three winners for the ‘Go 2018’ promotion based on the points earned in the period March 22nd – June 22nd 2018.

Mighty Travels will, if it has determined in its sole discretion that Referrer and Referee have complied with and fulfilled the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program Terms, confirm that the Referrer and the Referee have earned the bonus (the ‘Referral Bonus’) as described in the invitation to participate in the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program.

The Referral Bonus cannot be transferred, exchanged for any cash or money, or sold.

Each Referee may only make use of a Referral Link once, even if the Referee received or had access to separate Referral Links from different Referrers.

The Participants will be responsible for any taxes or charges that may arise due to the earning and payout of the Referral Bonus.

3. Displaying Referral Links

The Referrer will not share or publish the Referral Links where there is no reasonable basis for believing that recipients are genuine travelers, and appreciate the invitation stated through the Referral Link, and not in violation of applicable anti-spam laws. The Referrer will indemnify and hold Mighty Travels, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents and successors harmless from and against any claims that may arise from any unlawful forwarding or sharing of the Referral Link.

4. Anti-Bribery

By sharing the Referral Link, creating an Eligible Reservation, and in order to be eligible for the Referral Bonus, each Participant agrees to and accepts the following anti-bribery terms: You are not a government official. ‘Government officials’ include any government employee, candidate for public office, and any employee of (a wholly or partly) government-owned or government-controlled company, public international organization, and political party (including any official or representative thereof). Government officials are not eligible for the Referral Bonus. You must immediately inform us if you are a government official. In respect to (or as an award for) the referral activities (including the solicitation of new users, accommodations, and/or the promotion and marketing of Mighty Travels) and the Referral Bonus, you will (i) not directly or indirectly (a) offer, promise, or give to any third party (including any government official or political party’s official, representative or candidate), or (b) seek, accept, or get promised for itself of for another party, any gift, payment, reward, consideration, or benefit of any kind that would or could be construed as bribery or an illegal or corrupt practice, and (ii) comply with all applicable laws governing anti-bribery and corrupt gifts and practices (including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery Act).

Refer a Friend Competition

5. Miscellaneous

Mighty Travels retains the right to investigate participation in the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program for any fraudulent activities and to take any measures to end them. These measures may include that Mighty Travels can, at its own discretion, cancel any Referral Bonuses earned through fraudulent activities or activities in violation of these Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program terms and will be null and void and repayment may be requested by Mighty Travels.

Mighty Travels may suspend, terminate, or change the terms and requirements of the Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program Terms at any time and for any reason.

If any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, unenforceable, or non-binding, you will remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such an event, invalid provisions will nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and each participant will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable, or non-binding provision given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.

To the extent permitted by law, these Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Delaware. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms shall be exclusively submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in the state of Delaware.

The Mighty Travels Refer a Friend Program is organized by Mighty Media LLC, 555 Bryant St, Palo Alto, AV 94301.