good buy miles promos with IHG, United and Alaska, Turo goes Deutsch, Chian ‘un-bans’ mobile phones finally, GOL starting Miami flights soon,

Posted on January 19, 2018 by in Travel Deals is on a roll as it operates most airline miles transactions and the only officially sanctioned place to trade points

The company currently offers a 75% bonus for IHG Rewards Club points, a 60% bonus for United Mileage Pus miles and a 40% bonus for buying Alaska Mileage Plan miles. All three are good deals if you plan to use the points currency soon.

– Turo is taking its car sharing model to Germany! (Get $25 off your first rental with this link)

– China is finally allowing mobile phone usage (in airplane mode) and Hainan and China Eastern Airlines (Review) have already implemented the new regulations

– GOL is resuming US service once they have their new 737 MAX

I wasn’t too happy with my GOL flights last year – this is likely a pretty miserable affair but it may get cheap!