Airbus introduces A380plus, AerCap goes mad with 787-9, the amazing story of Norwegian, another major turbulence case, 25,000 miles with AirBnB, LTE speeds for plane WiFI soon?

Posted on June 20, 2017 by in Cheap flights Norwegian, Travel Industry Flight Status

– Airbus wants to make the A380 sexy again and introduces an A380plus variant

While I love flying in an A380 I don’t think the program will survive.

– AerCap is super bullish on the new 787-9s and just ordered 30 of them – a big commitment even for the world biggest aircraft leasing company

– if – for some reason – you missed out on the amazing story of Norwegian this FastCompany article will enlighten you

– another terrible case of major turbulence that injured 26 people on a China Eastern flight in Asia (and no the aircraft did not crash)

– see how this Reddit user made 25,000 miles for being a host with AirBnB

– fast WiFi options are coming to a plane near you – the ping times are still slow which slows down most telephony or many other parts of online work and gaming but we are seeing better download speeds

The current development feels like the upgrade from 2G to 3G. 3G had good download speeds but it was never great and ping times atrocious. For years engineers said it was the best they could do and then LTE came around increasing download speeds by 10x but also improving ping rates by 100x – maybe an LTE moment will come to plane WiFi one day?