100,000 Marriott Rewards credit card, Uber credit card, UK follows electronics ban, does the US electronics ban punish Etihad, Qatar and Emirates?

Posted on March 22, 2017 by in Emirates Reviews & Skywards, Travel Industry Flight Status

MightyTravels 2017-03-22 at 11.50.49 AM

– Most (if not all) Marriott Rewards members with a US address should have received an email yesterday with a 100,000 Marriott Rewards Bonus points credit card

It contains this link (the link does not mention the 100,000 offer though).

The personal Marriott Rewards card is subject to 5/24 and you won’t receive a new bonus if you had the card in the last 24 months.

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– there are rumors of a new Uber credit card likely issued by Capital One with a $50 sign-up bonus

– The UK has added their own electronics ban following the ban issued by the Trump administration

– this article speculates that the electronics ban was extended to the UAE and Qatar because of the unfair competition claimed by US airlines against their Middle Eastern competitors

I can’t see a scenario where the UAE and Qatar airport authorities would be unable or unwilling to invest in security equipment. Etihad even pays for a US pr-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi. The electronics ban does indeed inconvenience travelers from those airports but there is a surprisingly easy remedy – make all flights to the US red-eyes.

Etihad and Qatar Airways already schedule most US flights in the late hours. I can’t remember using my laptop at any of those Etihad Business Class red-eye flights.