Finding your American Airlines Record Locator on an Avios booking

Posted on February 6, 2017 by in American Airlines AAdvantage, Best use of British Airways/ Iberia Avios

American Airlines Record Locator

What’s an American Airlines Record Locator?

A record locator with AA or another airline is a unique six-character code assigned to your reservation, so you can view it online.

American Airlines Record Locator

When you book an award with a partner airline you will always have a record locator for each airline. One of the main reasons you’ll want to find your AA Record Locator if you booked with a partner airline is so that you can check that your trip is confirmed there, too. You’ll also need it to choose your seats, request alternative meals or suchlike.

Using Avios to book an AA flight…

Using British Airways Avios to book a flight on American Airlines can be a good deal – for example, it costs just 7,500 Avios for a short-haul flight of up to 1,151 miles. If you book an Avios award ticket on, you’ll see your British Airways Record Locator, but how would you then find your relevant AA Record Locator? In the past it was often a real pain trying to find it without jumping through hoops, calling the airline, being passed around and given different explanations as to why it couldn’t be found.

Then came along CheckMyTrip, a personal travel app where you can add all of your trips and stay organized with all of the details.

American Airlines Record Locator

CheckMyTrip can be useful in many ways when planning your trip and while traveling, but it was especially great to use to find your partner airline record locator. It’s easy to do so with this app; for instance, if you booked an AA flight using Avios, you can just navigate to view your travel itinerary online by entering your British Airways reservation/confirmation number and your surname – and voila, your  AA Record Locator appears!

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to download the CheckMyTrip app or if you want to save more time, there’s now an even easier and faster way to find your AA Record Locator…

How do I find my American Airlines Record Locator?

Once you’ve booked on British Airways, head to the American Airlines website to ‘Find a reservation‘.

American Airlines Record Locator

Simply enter your first and last names and your British Airways Record Locator and American Airlines will now show you your AA Record Locator straight away!

What else do I need to know about finding my American Airlines Record Locator?

Not all partner awards may work this way, but let us know if you have luck with other bookings.