Using Cashback Monitor to maximize your savings

Posted on January 12, 2017 by in Chase Ultimate Rewards, Travel Deals

Cashback Monitor

What’s Cashback Monitor?

Cashback Monitor is simply a great, free tool where you can check which portal has the best rate for each retailer. Whether you’re making travel purchases or shopping for anything else online, using this site can help you maximize your savings by identifying the current earning rate at different shopping portals. There’s no reason why you should be loyal to just one shopping portal if you can earn more rewards using several.

With Cashback Monitor, the shopping portals being compared include cashback sites like TopCashback, credit card-specific sites like Chase Ultimate Rewards and airline portals like American Airlines AAdvantage.

You can browse retailers by the amount of:

  • Cashback
  • Airline miles or points
  • Hotel points
  • Credit card points
  • Other points, such as Swagbucks

For instance, when you search for Hilton, it shows this current best rate comparison:

Cashback Monitor

So when you purchase via UPromise, you’ll get  5% cashback, AAdvantage is offering 2 miles per dollar spent, Amex Plenti Marketplace and BarclayCard RewardsBoost are both offering 2 points per dollar and Swagbucks is offering 2 Swagbucks per dollar.

It may, however, be more profitable for you to purchase through a different portal that is actually shown as offering a lower amount. For instance, if you search for Sears, then it shows that a purchase made via Yazing offers 7% cashback and via Discover Deals is 5% cashback:

Cashback Monitor

If you use your Discover credit card to buy from Sears through Discover Deals, then you’ll earn your usual Discover credit card reward of 1% cashback and 5% cashback from the portal, but both are doubled at the end of the year if you’re a new cardmember. In this case it makes more sense to buy via the Discover Deals portal than the Yazing portal.

How do I use Cashback Monitor?

You can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to use the advanced features. When signed in for the first time, you can configure ‘My Monitor’ by selecting which portals you’d like to compare (as you can add up to eight of your favorite portals) and you have the option to choose up to 20 stores if preferred, too.

Cashback Monitor

What else do I need to know about Cashback Monitor?

Rates often change on the portals, but if you sign in to access the advanced features on ‘My Monitor‘, you can set up alerts so you can be notified when a program offers a higher rate and even assign cash value to the miles or points and then view the converted rate comparison. Start using this great resource now!