Changes to the Citi Easy Deals program

Posted on January 14, 2017 by in best use of Citibank ThankYou points

Citi Easy Deals

What’s Citi Easy Deals?

For several years, Citi Easy Deals has been a complimentary benefit savings program for Citi members where you can use points to buy merchandise at reduced prices. There’s hundreds of thousands of online deals on electronics, apparel, accessories, hotels, restaurants and travel offers and members can use points to bid for items in auctions. There’s no fee to pay or application needed to use the program and participating doesn’t mean a change to your APR, though you need to use your eligible Citi card and your points to pay for your purchase.

While the program is meant to benefit Citi members, it’s hard to find anywhere online with a positive view of it. From, “… their reward program kind of sucks” to “… the most useless and un-rewarding rewards program I know of“, it seems that Citi Easy Deals customers have been far from happy with the rewards or the cost of them. Even the third result on Google for the program is a list of Citi Easy Deals complaints and negative reviews!

Citi Easy Deals

However, the program is now changing from January 29th, 2017, so we wanted to highlight what will hopefully be huge improvements to the site.

What are the changes to Citi Easy Deals?

From January 29, 2017, the main change is that you won’t need points to take advantage of the special savings deals; access to the deals will instead be available in your program tier based on your annual purchases.

There will be three tiers which will have access to different types of savings deals:

  • The Base tier (for those with $0 minimum annual purchases) offers access to local coupons for local shops, restaurants and services.
  • The Enhanced tier (for those with $100 minimum annual purchases) offers access to Base tier benefits as well as gift cards and magazine deals.
  • The Plus tier (for those with $500 minimum annual purchases) offers access to both the Base tier and Enhanced tier benefits, as well as daily deals and savings on merchandise and travel.

What else do I need to know about Citi Easy Deals?

Once you reach the minimum purchase amount for a tier in a calendar year, you’ll stay in that tier for the rest of that year and the entire following year.

You will continue to earn points through January 28th, 2017, which you can still currently use, but on January 29th, 2017, all your points will be removed from your account. If you want to benefit from your existing points you will need to use them by January 28th!