Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam – A transport guide

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When Torsten recently visited Vietnam, he wrote about his favorite things to do in the capital city of Hanoi and what he learned about the country. We’re expanding on those posts here a little, to include a guide to travel to and from Hanoi, as well as local transport options within the city.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam – Travel to and from the city


If you’re flying in to Hanoi from outside of the country, you’ll arrive at Noi Bai International Airport (HAN). Since the international terminal opened in 2015, queues are much shorter and immigration is faster; plus another terminal is due to open in 2014. You can read a little more about the international terminal at Hanoi Airport here in our airline review.


For flights to Hanoi from around the world, check out our sister site Mighty Fares here; for example, we recently posted a round-trip fare with JAL from Chicago to Hanoi for just $561, which is only 3.5 cents per mile flown. You can also check flight deals flying out of Hanoi here.

Domestic flights to and from Hanoi International include flights with Jetstar Pacific and VietJet Air to destinations such as Ho Chi Minh and Danang. The deals we post on Mighty Fares also include domestic flights – we recently published Hanoi to Hue for just $48 round-trip with VietJet Air.

capital of Vietnam

Plus from December 28th, 2016, VietJet has a massive sale, with 5 million domestic and international tickets at just 20 cents each!

The airport is around 45km from the city center. An express public bus runs between Hanoi Station and Hanoi International and there are shuttle and public buses between the airport and Hanoi. Alternatively, you can get a taxi or Uber from the airport.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam – Travel within the city

capital of Vietnam

Driving in Hanoi

Local road traffic in this country is fairly messy in general, as there are no real rules and people use all and any lanes. Despite the relentless traffic, surprisingly, traffic jams in Hanoi are not usual and drivers tend to be courteous and watch out for each other. Honking your horn seems to be the best way to get by when driving here.

Taxi / Uber in Hanoi

Taxis are plentiful here (including motorbike taxis), but Uber is a cheap option at just $1 or $2 a ride in the city. Tourists have to try a cyclo at least once, though!

capital of Vietnam

Taking the bus in Hanoi

While it’s popular because of the low cost and convenience, it’s usually the slowest option in Hanoi. There is also an electric bus tour with commentary in the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake.

On foot in Hanoi

Walking in Hanoi is a great way to see the city – and there’s so much to see – from the many picturesque lakes to the temples and pagodas. Plus it’s the cheapest option 😉