How much can an Enterprise Discount Code save you?

Posted on November 15, 2016 by in Avis / Hertz Car Rentals, Corporate Codes

Enterprise Discount Code

What’s an Enterprise Discount Code?

Enterprise assigns account numbers so that certain customers can get specific discounts. Account numbers can be negotiated for corporate employees (as well as for other Enterprise partners) and with regards corporate rates, with Enterprise they are often cheaper than public ones. If your organization is affiliated with this car rental company, you may be able to save on your advance rental by adding the relevant account number to your booking.

Major businesses not only get cheaper rates with a particular Enterprise Rent-A-Car discount code, but also sometimes get value-added promotions and special rental benefits.

Enterprise Discount Code

An Enterprise account number is usually alphanumeric, though there are odd alphabetical exceptions. There doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive list of codes online, so we scoured the internet to find as many as possible, to see how much you can save. We mainly only found college corporate rates, however, so then tried searching particular companies. The main one to appear was IBM, though searching for codes for many other businesses proved fruitless.

As expected, you can only generally use an account number if you have ID to prove that you’re entitled to the rate when picking up your rental, or you could be charged the full daily rate.

How do I use an Enterprise Discount Code?

During your reservation, simply click on the box that says ‘Promotion Code or Account Number (Optional)’ and enter the relevant code:

Enterprise Discount Code

Testing the Enterprise Discount Code list…

For our tests, we chose a rental picking up at and returning to Minneapolis St. Paul International, January 9th to 12th, 2017. The normal price for an Economy, without using a code and including taxes and fees, came up at an estimated $165.19 when you pay later:

Enterprise Discount Code

We tried adding a corporate code to the booking to compare prices, and these account numbers found a cheaper estimated rate for paying later:

  • XZ24Y01 IBM $137.47 – 17% cheaper ($27.72)
  • 53E5000 NC State $148.87 – 10% cheaper ($16.32)
  • XZ54080 NSHE $148.87 – 10% cheaper ($16.32)
  • XZ24A19 WSCA $148.87 – 10% cheaper ($16.32)
  • UCBALUM California Alumni Association $150.82 – 9% cheaper ($14.37)
  • XZ12450 SA Colorado $155.26 – 6% cheaper ($9.93)
  • XZCA999 CSU – no economy available – cheapest compact $155.79 – 6% cheaper ($9.40)
  • NACA053 CSU – no economy available – cheapest compact $155.79 – 6% cheaper ($9.40)
  • XZCA000 Santa Rosa $155.79 – 6% cheaper ($9.40)
  • 41M0174 CHABAD $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)
  • 10D2095 Franklin Pierce $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)
  • 36A7933 Hawaii State Bar $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)
  • CID2197 IFB $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)
  • 38C5644 OACCA $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)
  • NA35022 Sellstate $158 – 4% cheaper ($7.19)

Using this account number, the estimated price was the same as booking without a code:

  • ETBX7B Entertainment Book $165.19

This account number came up as invalid:

Using these account numbers, the price was more expensive than booking without a code:

  • NA35012 Sellstate $167.96 (2% more – $2.77 more)
  • NASDSU San Diego State University – no economy available – cheapest compact $171.78 (4% more – $6.59 more)
  • XZ56TVC TVA $172.07 (4% more – $6.88 more)
  • XZ50290 Arizona State $182.23 (10% more – $17.04 more)
  • XZ21270 ODU $182.23 (10% more – $17.04 more)
  • XZ10668 MassArt – no economy available – cheapest compact $188.34 (14% more – $23.15 more)
  • NA24IE1 IEEE EE $192.38 (16% more – $27.19 more)
  • XZ10001 Dartmouth College $208.70 (26% more – $43.51 more)
  • FGORDRS US Govt $233 (41% more – $67.81 more!)

So while most codes gave us just 4% to 6% off, IBM employees get the biggest discount of 17% off in this test booking:

Enterprise Discount Code

However, using the US Govt code cost a whopping 41% more!

What else do I need to know about using an Enterprise Discount Code?

You may be able to find your company’s Contract ID on this handy FatWallet thread or by a quick Google search. If you can’t find your code, you could ask HR if there is an account number for you to use with Enterprise or contact Enterprise directly.